Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beard Update

I still have not reached my goal for hits on this blog, thus my beard stays. This has lead to bank tellers reaching for the panic button when I approach, strangers dropping quarters into my hot coffee as they pass, and the harvesting of many leftover morsels, south of my lips. I woke up to the cat grazing crumbs from its depths the other night. Its been 6 weeks, and like I said, it just ain't gonna happen. Its unruly, unkempt and unfinished. Here's a few more pics....


I think its time you tell your friends to visit here, so I reach my goal before Xmas and no other children are scared. My own son is hiding behind the couch as I write this. I told Him I'm trying to look like Santa and he said, " you've got the belly, daddy."

I need 200 hits by Xmas, and I can shave this face roadkill off. Help a brother out.


  1. Dear Santa, please, PLEASE bring more hits to Seano's site and FAST!

  2. Anonymous10:42 PM

    The beard looks very nice.


  3. Is that Eddie Vedder...?

  4. I thought it was Eddie - but Ed's got blue eyes.