Monday, October 18, 2010


Shit, I've been growing a baseball beard and working on my curmudgeon costume this past 12 days, sorry folks.
 Real hard times at home are grinding my craw to a crawl... makes me look like the Boston(band) of the blog world, with an output of a post every 8 years or so.  Anybody got a car, an apartment and some black market health insurance, let me know. If you're in a band and happen to have access to these things, I'll give you a great review, even if "heart beats like a drum" is anywhere on your lyric sheet.

There were a couple of highlights, though.

I went out to Washington for a wedding last week, hugged some massive trees, hiked(huff, puff) up to a clear view of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams,  was out of any cell/internet service for 6 days and got to know the locals in Stevenson at the Walking Man Brewery as I drowned down a couple two, three, six Knuckle Draggers. When I came to, a day later, I had the opportunity to watch local up and comers Jackbone Dixie do a stripped down acoustic set as the wedding band.  Emily Albaugh has one of those rare, one of a kind smoky, husky and bold voices, and she's all of 90 lbs.  She should go pretty far with a tightened set and a move to nearby Portland.

Speaking of Portland, I finally  got to meet the world famous Isorski, from Isorski's Musings. From what I remember, as we sampled a plethora of Oregonian pints, it was a great time. I only made fun of his Kiss devotion maybe 10 or 12 times. Hmmm, I wonder what he thinks about this fresh music news story?

Even in the aftermath of leaving/losing my brand new 64g Itouch in the Dallas airport, that story makes me feel good.

Maybe even enough to get back on track and salvage this Crocktober for everyone.

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