Saturday, October 23, 2010

Van Zeppelin?

So The Metal Den has unearthed a demo, jam tape..whatever you wanna call it from 1975 of a young band from Pasadena, doing a cover of a brand new Led Zeppelin song. Yeah, that's when Physical Graffiti was released. The song is Trampled Underfoot and the young band was Van Halen.  You can have a listen here:

The quality begs me to wonder if they recorded it using one of those sears cassette player/recorders perched on a case of Heineken in Eddie's garage, but you get the gist.

As any serious Zep Fan knows, Trampled Underfoot has probably the most lyrics of any song in their catalog, (I count 9 short verses in between the "talkin' bout loves") and most are unintelligible because of the rate of speed in which the riff is repeated.

It's pretty much about comparing a hot babe to a hot rod.Lots of pipes, hoods and checking oil.

I think Diamond Dave gets a good 10 percent of the lyrics right. But he probably looked fabulous in that garage, breaking in the spandex for the first time.

Van Halen is back in the studio, with Wolfgang and Dave. Eddie will be doing all of Wolfies parts over on bass and they'll bring in a female singer to mimic Michael Anthony's stellar trademark VH back ground vocals.

  Look for an exclusive Wal mart release in early 2011. And soon to follow, a tour sponsored by Nicorrette.


  1. wow very cool even if the quality on the recording wasn't great. can't wait for Cd

  2. Interesting..I've got a dozen bootlegged versions of Trampled Under Foot live and I don't think Plant ever sang the song the same way twice!

  3. Classic Seano writing here - love it. I'll check out my VH boys and see how they do with this song....

  4. Love the post Seano. Keep em coming....