Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Readers Block

I am over tired from treading water in an over chlorinated pool of inspiration and information.
I am drowning in words that I have not read.
Forming sentences and ideas from disjointed dreams instead.
Time is my dance partner and I've never lead.
I'm chasing a storm that never lands
words on a page that I won't understand
smuggled into a lazy brain like contraband.

These are the books I have purchased in the last year and never started or never finished

Let It Blurt-Bio of Lester Bangs by Jim DeRogatis
Psychotic Reactoions and Carburetor Dung-Collective Writings by Lester Bangs
Open Up and Bleed- The Iggy Pop Bio by Paul Trynka
The Rock Bible-A book I recommended on this here blog and never finished
Soon I Will Be Invincible- Austin Grossman
Go Now-Richard Hell
The Raw Shark Texts-Steven Hall
Surviving The Death of a Sibling- T.J.Wray
Lush Life-Richard Price
I Hate New Music-Dave Thompson
What is the What-Dave Eggers
Middlesex-Jeffrey Eugenides
The Town That Forgot How to Breathe-Kenneth J. Harvey
Francis Bacon:Anatomy of an Enigma-Michael Peppiatt
Never Mind The Pollacks-Neil Pollack
King Dork-Frank Portman
Writers Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
Child Of God-Cormac McCarthy
Moby Dick-Herman Melville
Chuck Klosterman IV- A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas
If You Want To Write- Brenda Ueland

Isn't it awesome when you really, really want to you buy a heralded book called If You Want to Write, written by a 93 yr old woman.....and you let it sit there....not even reading page one.



  1. do you have the will power not to read them just looking at them is making my pulse race i can not leave a book unread it is impossible.

  2. I was going to suggest the library to save yourself some money, but if your library is anything like mine, not many choices.

    I love books and reading but unlike becca I can leave a book unread easily if it doesn't grab me in the first few pages. I think a good writer knows they have to capture you immediately.

    You, Seano, are a good writer.

  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I concur. Don't fret, the time to read will come. Books don't expire.

  4. fantastic. you should get a Nook. haha..