Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Valient Thorr @ North Star Bar Philadelphia

Here in the terra firma of a dark bar, patrons loom anxious and curious like Area 51 gatecrashers armed with pints of special nectar. The anticipation of a sighting is overwhelming, and from the information we have gathered there are otherworldly glints of celestial beards afoot. We have been warned, probed and scanned for clearance and are about to witness a vision quest of extra terrestrial rock star bravado and virtuosity, a space brigade of five mysteriosos disguised in cut off denim jackets. What is this? Where did we get this information?

 A sweaty mess of space eggs holographically appear under the lights. They vibrate and break open and Valient Thorr hatches out to inhabit the stage, huffing spastically, riff ready and aiming to spread a plethora of prophecies and blessings by way of their galactic gospel spewing leader, Valient Himself.

The sermon is called Stranger, their brand new release and the set is heavy with numbers from it. The set is heavy for it. “Disappearer” was chock full of mind numbing ampheti- speed, with enough gacky punch to bust a neck hinge off.    We were amidst a dancing thrust of notes whirring in a thunder cloud as the new track” Double Crossed” slays us like lasers in the front row, letting us know we are all “liars”, and we believed it.

During the lethal whip crack of “Night Terrors”, a song about being taken by the light of bad dreams, we were privy to an escape as Valient directed us in a virtual group row. We got down on the floor and rowed like fearless dream Vikings, adrift through the stormy solos, slumber thrown asunder.

Thorriors know there is always some interplanetary wisdom given back at every show by the band, and this night was no different.  This wisdom, probably collected throughout various missions, was doled out in fan favorites like “Tomorrow Police” and “Obituary”

Valient Thorr have outdone themselves on Stranger and to witness it live during one of their rare landings is a treat for any mere earthling. Track their ship and catch it in your town.

Here is their new video for "Double Crossed".

 Stranger is out NOW. You don't need a beard to appreciate it. go to for details!

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