Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Band of Joy on Jimmy Fallon

The Golden God does Raising Sand Part II. Band of Joy is a pack of legendary Nashville session players with Percy out in front...looking a little salt and pepper and a lot less golden, but I love it anyway. He does what he wants nowadays....leaving Jimmy Page with nothing left to do but release expensive coffee table books and roll in more royalties.
There's a bit of mysticism/folk with reverb on pretty much everything on the Band of Joy album. I keep waiting to hear Alison Krauss and her smooth, soothy siren of a voice on every track but it never shows up. This track is as loud as it gets by the way, so all of you Zep fan boys and girls who chose the Battle of Evermore as your favorite track will love this album. It's for adults who like to sit around and roll joints on Sunday mornings and need a soundtrack for reading the Times or baking hash brownies. But I love it anyway.


  1. First time I had heard it and I love it too.

  2. Got the album, will do a review on it soon...