Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Come on Feel "Le Noise"

This from the Los Angeles Times:

 Neil Young to put 'Le Noise' out

Los Angeles - — Nearly every decade since Neil Young launched a solo career in 1968, the Canadian rocker has put out a watershed album with which he's upped the ante for himself. In 1969, it was his sophomore effort, "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere." In 1979, punk rock was powerfully on his mind in "Rust Never Sleeps," while 1989 brought "Freedom."

"Silver & Gold," released in 2000, didn't quite hit the same level of accomplishment, but with "Le Noise," to be released Sept. 28, Young's peaking in yet another decade. The title is a wink to his collaborator, musician-producer Daniel Lanois, who premiered the album last week at his home here. Listeners packed into the living room of the mansion to hear it on a first-class sound system, in the dark.
"Le Noise" was made predominantly with Young and a guitar. His hollow-body Gretsch electric slashes and burns for most of the tracks; a couple are built around acoustic instruments. Both are amplified by Lanois' looped vocals and guitar bass notes enhanced with electronics.

The eight songs travel a path from the electrified reverie of "Walk With Me," through the nakedly autobiographical "Love and War" and into the acoustic-guitar-driven "Peaceful Valley."
The recent losses of two close friends certainly had to figure in the new material, which Lanois said they crafted together "over four full moons."

Lanois said the project started out as an all-acoustic album, but he began prodding Young to get at what was in his heart. "He has the ability to really reach down deep inside," Lanois said during a break before the album was played a second time, accompanied by gritty film footage of Young singing.

Young's manager, Elliot Roberts, said "Le Noise" will be released in a variety of formats, in keeping with Young's ongoing exploration and exploitation of new technology.
Young and his record label have been digging through the vaults for material for his huge "Archives" multiyear boxed-set project - Vol. 2 is due in 2012, Roberts said.

Daniel Lanois is a master of using the natural acoustics and architecture of "rooms" to bring out the beauty of the bare bones approach he has used to record with Peter Gabriel, U2 and Bob Dylan.  Yeah, you've heard of those guys , but check out his own work on incredible albums like Acadie(1989) and The Beauty of Wynona(1993) (my personal favs).

And now he sprinkles his faerie dust on Neil Young with this upcoming release...on of my most anticipated releases for 2010.  Neil is no stranger to recording with just he and his guitar...a highlight, believe it or not, would be his MTV Unplugged album from 1993 and of course a revamped- for- his Archives re-release(2007) of the famous Massey Hall show from 1971. But this is a perfect combination...2 masters obsessed with getting the perfect sound to match the song.   I cannot wait.


  1. This is definitely one I'm looking forward to, as well. I have had a tough time with much of his output from the late 90's on, though. (this from someone who owns a play copy of Trans) There have been some great songs hiding in the discs he's released over the last dozen years, but no real consistency since the early 90s. Living With War and Fork in the Road were fun, off the cuff discs, but they don't stand up to repeated listens. Prairie Wind was a retreat into ersatz country (which he's done much better elsewhere).

    So I'm glad that Uncle Neil has allowed someone like Lanois to come in and push him out of his comfort zone a bit. I think that Young is one of the greatest living songwriters. I hope that "Le Noise" proves it all over again.

  2. I'd like to sprinkle MY faerie dust on someone, if ya know what I mean.

  3. LOL @ Insectman's comment. haha :)

    Neil Young > most music on radio these days.

  4. sounds great... i like that they listened to it in the dark. i'm going to try not to hype it up too much in my mind...

  5. Love me some new Neil.

    I like all your buttons so I Stumbled, Liked and Waved you.

  6. I meant buzzed, not waved.

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  9. i was just talking to my buddy about this. cant wait

  10. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Neil Young has been one of those I loved since the Buffalo Springfield days...
    I am excited, I didn't know of this angel dust sprinkling... yoohoo..Insectman... where does the line form?


    check this out and sure you'll love it...

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