Friday, September 10, 2010

Mannish Boy/ Masculine Playlist

Something made me feel like a masculinity challenged piece of shit recently...stopped me in my tracks, head tilted like a dog..silent.. and I'm kind of incensed about it. There is a huge part of me that wants to shout into my own ear..something like "Suck it Up, Dude" or "Suck It Up, Pansy". Either one would get a response, now I guess......Yesterday as I was shopping for a tool belt(I lost mine while running shirtless into a burning building to save three children and a parakeet on my way back from marathon training) in Home Depot. I'm often at Home Depot. I like to hang out there and high five anyone who walks by in a flannel shirt while holding a large adjustable impact wrench.

.But anyway....Mannish Boy(the muzak version) was playing through the store's speakers and it got me thinking about putting a playlist together of all the songs with the word "Man" or "Men" in the title. I went home, sat on the couch in my underwear and wrote down this list while on my sixth set of curls with a 40 pound dumbell......

1. Mannish Boy
2.) Man on a Silver Mountain
3.) Maneater
4) Magic Man
5) Rocket Man
6) Madman Across the Water
7) One Inch Man
8) Walk Like a Man
9) Dude Looks Like a Lady
10) Spoonman
11) Simple Man
12) Astro Man
13) Iron Man
14) Piano Man
15) Guitar Man
16) Man in a Box
17) Betterman
18) Egg Man
19) Candy Man
20) Son of a Preacher Man
21) Mr. Tambourine Man
22) The Man Who Sold The World
23) Man in the Mirror
24) Man in the Moon
25) I'm a Man
26) Brown Eyed Handsome Man
27) Man in the Long Black Coat
28) Solitary Man
29) Nowhere Man
30) Man on a Corner
31) Old Man
32) Stringman
33) Lucky Man
34) Young Man Blues
35) Ballad of a Thin Man
36) Fat Man
37) Sickman
38) 21st Century Schizoid Man
39) Ramblin Man
40) Ramblin Gamblin Man
41) Sharp Dressed Man
42) Macho Man
43) Real Men
44) Ape Man
45) Working Man
46) Drowning Man
47) Super Man
48) Poetry Man
49) Hurdy Gurdy Man
50) New World Man
51) Secret Agent Man
52) Stand By Your Man
53) Listen to What the Man Said
54) Dead Mans Curve
55) Rubberband Man
56) Watch That Man
57) Handy Man
58) Don't Pay the Ferryman
59) Soul Man
60) Old Man River
61) Its Raining Men
62) Rastaman Vibration
63) An Innocent Man
64) California Man
65) Enter Sandman
66) Street Fighting Man
67) Ice Cream Man
68) Men of Good Fortune
69) Monkey Man
70) Baby You're a Rich Man
71) Man In Black
72) Here Comes Your Man
73) Cinderella Man
74) Hey Man Nice Shot
75) Crackerman
76) King Contrary Man
77) My Old Man
78) Demolition Man
79) Back Door Man
80) Man of Constant Sorrow
81) The Old Man Down the Road
82) Hoochie Coochie Man
83) Star Man
84) Boogie Man
85) Big Boss Man
86) Well Respected Man
87) Walk Like a Man
88) When A Man Loves a Woman
89) Its a Man's Man's Man's World
90) Whatta Man

Man up and let me know if I missed any...


  1. Sandman
    Tin Man
    The Man Who Loves Women
    A Man I'll Never Be
    Plastic Man
    Imagine a Man
    Scissor Man
    A Self Made Man
    I'm the Man Who Loves You
    The Man Who Sailed Around his Soul
    I Wanna Be Your Man
    Angry Young Man
    Charmless Man
    Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man
    Hard Lovin' Man
    Digital Man
    20th Century Man
    Third World Man
    Clap For the Wolfman

    Time to let the next person "man" this project...

  2. And that's why Mr. Coleman with always be my first choice for rock trivia quizzo team mate. Man alive!

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Are We Not Men? (We Are Devo)
    Man With The Child In His Eyes
    Man I Feel Like A Woman
    Man Of Constant Sorrow
    Watch That Man
    Oh What A Lucky Man You Are
    Man Of La Mancha

    -The Outlaw

  4. What Makes a Man Start Fires? (ok... so its an album title...)
    Ocean Man
    Family Man
    Mega Man 2
    The Man I Used to Be
    Heart Attack Man
    A Man Needs a Maid
    Man on the Corner
    Blues X Man


    thats all i got right now :)