Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:  This piece of poisonous human waste was denied parole again.  Sorry, but I have better things to say about Osama Bin Laden than this guy. Osama doesn't have a double chin(he's so gaunt and probably on dialysis in a Dank Afghani tunnel somewhere), and he's never read the highly over-rated "The Catcher in the Rye".

The Bad:  Apparently the entire country is swept up in Glee fever.

 Journalists keep incessantly writing about it, The Emmys took way too much note of it, its on the cover of Rolling Stone, half of the cast (name ONE member) are in talks for their own reality shows..,etc.,etc. Meanwhile, I've yet to meet ANYONE who watches it besides well- kempt men who own flower shops, people who always pick a Journey song at Karaoke and understudies for the lead male cheerleader at any Division One school.

The Ugly: No Joke. This is the cover for the new Weezer Album. It's called Hurley.  No offense to actor Jorge Garcia(who played the character Hurley on ABC's religious drama Lost), but he ain't makin' my nipples hard.

I think I'll buy some Dharma Initiative beers on Ebay for 600 bucks a six pack before I'll believe that Jorge inspired this album in any way.


  1. Rolling Stone magazine has been a pathetic joke for many years. That cover is just one of many incidences of pandering to people who listen to music produced for people who really don't like music.

    Chapman would not live to see one sunset should he ever be let out of the Graybar Hotel. (though he won't be) There are far too many folks out there who would be glad to terminate John Lennon's assassin and then make themselves a nice sandwich afterward.

  2. Sean, I've got to stop merely looking at the covers of the Rolling Stones anymore,( damn you Dr. Hook) let alone heighten their relevance from a journalist's perspective. I had a subscription from 1984-'93....and I wear it on my sleeve.

    Why are the wardens/govt. even giving MD Chapman the chance, time after time? I don't get it.

  3. I used to buy Rolling Stone in the 80's, though I became bored by fluff like "The Hot Issue" and interviews with vacuous celebrities who had little or no connection to rock and roll.

    This is why People Magazine was created. (I always used to call it "People Who Can't Read Magazine" because it just seemed like a glossy, throwaway picture book for illiterate adults)

    Advertising dollars did wonders for Wenner's bank account, but music fans lost out.

    I don't understand the whole pointless exercise of granting parole hearings to MDC, either. It's on par with the Manson parole reviews:

    Parole Board Official: "Still crazy, Charlie?"

    Manson: "Like a fox, brother. Now stay outta my circle!!"

    Parole Board Official: "See you again in a few years, Charlie."

    And the world continues to spin, mindlessly, on its axis...

  4. Ugh. Weezer. Where did they go wrong? They were sooo good!!!

  5. If I ever started watching Glee, my husband has every right to kick me in the head in hopes that I would come to my senses. It is very very big here in the UK but they like to blood sausage and boy bands so their taste is highly questionable.

  6. Rolling Stone... So good...

  7. Well now MDC can continue to cultivate his collection of his returned fan-mail addressed to Jodie Foster.

    I believe I once read that he tried to generate a correspondence with Ted Bundy. They did write back and forth for a little while, but from what I've heard Bundy didn't think too highly of him either. But Bundy was incredibly intelligent, MDC-- not so much. I guess the smart crazies and dumb crazies don't get along any better than the smart sane ones and the dumb sane ones.

  8. Wait, no my bad--- sorry-- For some reason I get MDC and John Hinckley confused from time to time. I think it's because MDC's assassination of Lennon and Hinckley's attempted assassination of Reagan happened within a few months of each other and I was only about 4 or 5 years old at the time. I know which is which but I sometimes get the details of which is which confused. Bundy had the correspondence with Hinckley not MDC.