Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Send Me Suggestions for Rants

All of the sudden, I have almost triple the followers that I used to have just one short month ago. This is due to the press picking up on a Philadelphia(where I live) based story that featured several bloggers(I was one) and their reactions to the City's plan to "tax" those who make money from their blogs(errr, businesses).

Thanks to the groovy people at Blogger(my blog platform) as well. They made Circle of Fits a blog of note for the last week in August. I have had more comments than ever..which creates conversations here and elsewhere...which is the real reason I started Circle of Fits in 2008.

I hope to get to know a great deal of you, see what you're made of and check out your will take time as I'm very busy criticizing everything that's right and wrong with music today....yes...this is mainly a music blog....but not just any music blog that micro-hypes super obscure bands you've never heard of (I'm not indie enough), or bombards you with trivial music news(there are only 7 million blogs that already do that, no thanks)......No, I like to verbally eviscerate, poke fun, give overbearing props, and lace most everything in my Circle of Fits elixir with SARCASM.

I'm not one of the "those who cannot do, teach" dudes either. I've been a semi pro to pro rock singer in various bands for over 20 years. Yet, not one with Lead Singer Disease, or one who ever demanded his own tour bus( for road head privacy) or private accommodations (ever sleep with 8 other band members in one hotel room? I have.). I'm pretty humble, and ripe with self deprecation. So I'd like to believe in/promote my own slogan, which is "I only do two things very well...sing and complain."

That brings me to one of my favorite things to do on this blog......RANT.  RANT about something ridiculous, unfair, juvenile, heinously overrated, and targeted to the most common denominators of the general listening public.   It is usually about music..especially processed pop from vapid tweens and Hip Hop(the #2 cause of the downfall of society in the last 15 years..right behind reality television). I'm good at it, it makes people leave and never come back sometimes, but most of all it makes everyone think. or call the proper choose.

SOOOO...I'd like to experiment a little with my new "followers". Are you following because you like? Or are you following for a link?  We'll see. I'd like you to send ME in your suggestions for a good (music/pop culture) rant RANT that I could expand upon and put my personal 2-99 cents worth of super salty opinion into. Please do not be shy....nothing will be censored, nothing will be tame......  If I like your rant, I will link to you/follow your blog.  If I don't, its OK, they can't all be winners...all bloggers must know this.    The winner gets the RANT expanded upon and here and a bunch of praise/link love for originality and bite.

Thanks for playing. Thanks for reading. Really, thanks for taking the time out to find this place.  And thanks for the conversation.!

Let the RANT suggestions begin!


  1. Well, my dearest...I cannot say that a particular rant comes to mind--but thanx for asking. I'm actually following your blogalicious site because I am a firm believer in irreverance as a missing ingredient in most major food groups...just seeking balance am I! Mmmmmmmmwwwwahhhh! (and don't worry, you won't be turned into a frog) Cheers.

  2. I love Eric Clapton and many others do not. What do you think? That is my rant for the day.

  3. Here's a rant. What's the deal on Jimmy Buffett? Seriously, Jimmy Buffett sucks. Cheeseburgers. In paradise. Honestly? He likes his with lettuce and tomatoes, did you know that? How is there THAT many people that like him and go to his shows? He has a chain of bars? Insane. Getting drunk and putting on a hawaiian shirt can't be THAT fun, and it certainly can't improve a song like "Why don't we get drunk and screw". I have an absurdly ecclectic taste in music, from the Bee Gees to the Boredoms, but Jimmy Buffett, I cannot understand, nor get behind. And I've tried. Can ANYONE explain the appeal to me? And don't say because his concerts are an "experience", because getting kicked in the nuts is an experience too, and I'm not signing up for that anytime soon.

  4. 我也说两句,我来自中国,是通过blogger的推荐而follow你的。下面我也胡说几句,JT是我的最爱,为什么最爱,因为我长的像他,哈~Eric Clapton很性感,我也很喜欢他的现场。
    I'm from China,a great country,I follow you because blogger recommend your blog to me.Here is my rant,my favorite singer is Justin Timberlake,why,my friends often says I look like him,lol,just a joke...I also like Eric Clapton because his lives were amazing and he is soooo sexy!