Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hovering Over an Empty Sea

Looking down across some scorched out valley
on second glance 'tis the post dusk view of a suburban street
my own.

Moments connected in a rugby scrum of thought processes
fawned over
gutted like a deer
swinging from garage rafters
exhaustion cold cocked from the shadows

expiration date read months from now
dendrites collapse and disintegrate
the fireworks of bloodvessels
Lull is the 9th layer
Wet blanket of rainbows
collective of communities all hiding
behind white noise of whining children
morning zoos
copy machine collates
sweating it out in the stalls
crying it out without a sound.
Packing years into a bad mood
vaulting forward into
magnetic backtracking
fishing for clues you already have
hovering over an empty sea.
found by the virus
shunned by the chorus
ousted out of a few hours ago
when I was fab.

This is all midtempo
from here on in
cram in a lesson
flush out a grin.

unvisited islands of beautiful banish
speaking in tongues of self preserved planets
a potential of task
mastering minutiae

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