Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rock and Roll Hall of Lame Nominees Announced

It's that time of year again: The 2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees have been announced and just like clockwork, I'm on it.

On it like flies on feces, which is what the ROCK and ROLL Hall of Fame has turned into. Its bad enough that the actual building is in Cleveland. I can't wait to pack the family in the car or greyhound bus and shlepp to Cleveland to see the Run DMC , Earth Wind and Fire and Percy Sledge exhibits. Most of Ohio reeks anyway...Kent State, The Reds, The Indians, about a fly-over state.... and now we're faced with possibly having to put up with seeing KISS, ABBA, LL COOL J and DONNA SUMMER. Excuse me while I fire off with some verbal diarrhea.......

Don't we as rightful Rock and Roll afficionados have a right to be appalled that the dungheap with make-up known as Kiss is a nominee? Did Kiss really DO anything influential (besides steal an idea from Alice Cooper, add glitter,blood and greasepaint to 4 mugs that could freeze time with their ugliness,and shill until Satan emptied his pockets?!!) The only one with a smidgen of talent in that band was Ace Freheley and he had to drink himself silly to put up with the likes of Demonic Squirrel Head and  Swishy Star Man. I have so many people in my life who name drop Kiss as an influence, and there are countless others in the rock general public. I throw out a big "WHY?" to you all. Kiss are a living, breathing mockery of the genre and always will be, even after their 11th greatest hits package goes on sale.

How about LL COOL J? What the fuck??? Even rappers don't think he's a good rapper. He's more known for his abs and his horrific sitcoms, right? LL COOL J a nominee and no RUSH, ROXY MUSIC, T REX, BAD CO., BIG STAR, THE CARS, DIRE STRAITS, YES, MC5, HUMBLE PIE, JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN????!!!!!!!

ABBA and DONNA SUMMER?????!!  FUCK, Lets just hang a disco ball from the entrance and hand out coke spoons to the kiddies with admission why dont we??? I dig the occasional disco song while I'm weedwacking with the ipod on but there is NO PLACE FOR IT or HIP HOP in the RNRHOF!

No J.J. CALE, JETHRO TULL, JOURNEY, JOE JACKSON or THE JAM...but DONNA SUMMER gets nominated. And thats just the Js!!!

Love to love ya, Jann, baby!

What a divine comedy.  They did get a few nominees right with The Stooges(again), Genesis(should have been in years ago) and the great songwriter Darlene Love.

Instead of the obligatory obscure doo-wop group this year we get the Hollies and the Chantels.

Bring out the wheelchairs........rock off.


  1. The Jann Wenner Retirement Home for the Musically Challenged.

    Get your filthy hands off my dessert!!!

    I think that Madonna's membership in ye olde Rock Hall answers the proverbial question of just how many people you have to blow to get in...

    Donna Summer Rock Band. Coming in 2010. Hell is now booking Ski Weekend Packages and hockey tournaments.

  2. LL Cool J..? Come on people.

    I felt the same way about the induction of Grandmaster Flash and the furious five. (I dont remember if it was GMF solo, or the whole group- my point is the same either way.)

    They were a groundbreaking and highly influential group who paved the way for countless acts to follow, but the simple fact remains: They were not a rock band. They never were a rock band, and they never claimed to be a rock band. It's not a bad thing. It just is what it is.

    Isnt there a Hip Hop hall of fame..?
    If there isn't- there should be.

    I feel the same about LL Cool J. Personally, i dig his classic stuff. "Mama said knock you out" is a righteous jam, but would i ever call it a rock and roll song.... Of course not- you know why? Because it aint.

    And Abba-- Feh. Don't even get me started....

  3. I agree with the labels you used on this post. I complain about this yearly but you said it best and I will just be lazy and tell people to come here and read this rather than rant about it myself.

    Thanks for a laugh, needed one tonight.

  4. Hmm...I very rarely get excited by these back-slapping events and you've just reminded me why!

    John Cleese said recently, 'The older I get the more I realise that no one knows what they're talking about'.

    Yep. Starting with HoF selectors...

  5. Mind boggling. It is also inconceivable that The Moody Blues, Joe Cocker & the Steve Miller Band are not in!!!

  6. Like I said in my blog, this is a private club, run by an 'elite' bunch of execs, musicians, etc. And the fact that many of the inductees over the years have nothing to do with rock and roll makes it all the worse.

    Now, about your KISS comments, Seano, I hear you. Had I not grown up loving that band as a 10 year old, I probably wouldn't be such a fanatic now. But sorry, they are like rock and roll Disneyland and that is crack for kids. And it's hard to kick the habit when you are an adult!

  7. I couldn't agree more with you Seano! Although, I can understand Kiss being in there, the rest is crap! It's a fricking shame that bands like Rush, Yes, Jethro Tull, Blue Oyster Cult, etc., and etc. are not in it!

    Donna Summer....Bwaahahahaa! I'm still laughing!

  8. Couldn't agree more, especially about Rush. Check out the comic I posted on my blog last year:
    (to turn off the music that comes on, if you don't like it, scroll to the bottom).

  9. I forgot Deep Purple, Heart, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits and KC and the Sunshine band.

  10. J Wonderboy8:52 AM

    ABBA, LL Cool J and Donna Summer never get in to my personal Rock Hall. Nothing personal but it aint Rock...There are too many glaring omissions for the value of a Rock Hall induction to mean anything. I've been to the Hall a couple of times and spent the entire time just listening to music so I had a great time actually.