Sunday, September 27, 2009


My son Hudson has already mastered them...those 26 letters that exist to make up every word and name. It's a little too late to use this code I came up with to help him along, but maybe you can try with your own rugrats after everything else has failed and you feel like returning to hard liquor, but you're too cool to buy Hooked on Phonics.

A is for Angus.
B is for Beck.
C is for Chris.
D is for Duane.
E is for Elton.
F is for Freddy.
G is for Geddy.
H is for Hendrix.
I is for Iggy.
J is for Joni.
K is for Kurt.
L is for Layne.
M is for Mick.
N is for Neil.
O is for Ozzy.
P is for Paul.
Q is for Queens.
R is for Robert.
S is for Sting.
T is for Townshend.
U is for U2.
V is for Van.
W is for Waters.
X is in Texas.
Y is for Yorke.
Z is for Zimmerman.

You can format it for yourselves, make a game out of it..use LPs as flash cards.  And the whole world will be a better place. Think of what 26 letters can do.....soon enough, your kids will ditch hard arithmetic for hard rock.


  1. Its too late for son's ABC's would include mostly "music" like Marilyn Manson, Eminem, My Chemical Romance, Sublime, Dirty Nasty, Smashing Pumpkins, Social Distortion.... Not all bad but I know that this must be due to some defective genetics from the other side of the family.

  2. Texas??? Seems like it would maybe help remember the names but not the other way around. Plus how will a small fry remember those names unlsee he/she knows something about them to begin with. Just my thoughts, but I like the list.

  3. Dan....Have you ever heard a song "All of my exes are in Texas?" That's where that comes rockers that I'm fond of whose name starts with X......Hudson already knows something about 20 or so of those "letters".