Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top 60 One of a Kind Vocalists

Continuing on a theme inspired by Up With People/Tony Robbins and The Wiggles, I'm all about positivity these days(OK, its been two days, but who's counting).I'm ready to sweat out that small stuff while waving to my neighbors!! (Go with me here)..Lists remain a positive force in my blogging, so here's another one....

The Top 50 One Of A Kind Vocalists

This list is about vocalists who sound like no other..they may be icons, trailblazers or mushmouths..but each one is one of a kind. In order to make this list(IMO) these men and women cannot be fantastic vocalists who are often imitated (Bruce, Eddie V., Layne S.,)..these are people who have a completely original vocal style.Just as an iconic guitarist is known for his tone, this list is sort of a vocal equivalent. There are several that leave me reaching for painkillers, but it matters not. Originality was the deciding factor: Nobody sounds like the individuals on this list and no one should even try....

1)Freddy Mercury
2)Bryan Ferry
3)Bon Scott
4)Steve Marriott
6)Sam Cooke
7)Fish (Marillion)
8)Barry Gibb
9)Mark Lanegan
10)Jeff Buckley
12)Roy Orbison
13)Shannon Hoon
14)Geddy Lee 1974-1982
15)Steve Perry
16)Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons)
17)Joey Ramone
18)Tom Waits
19)Stevie Nicks
20)Alan Wilson(Canned Heat)
21)Jack Bruce(Cream)
22)Ronnie James Dio
23)Rod Stewart(Faces,Jeff Beck Group)
24)Ben Ottewell(Gomez)
25)Burton Cummings(the Guess Who)
26)Joanna Newsom
27)John Lee Hooker
28)Leon Russell
29)Steve Winwood
30)Peter Gabriel
31)Lou Reed
32)Cedric Bixler(the Mars Volta)
33)Richard Butler(Psychedelic Furs)
34)Maynard James Keenan(Tool)
35)Ray LaMontagne
36)Joni Mitchell (1968-1979)
37)Allison Krauss
38)Stevie Ray Vaughan
39)Van Morrison
40)Nina Simone
41)Cyndi Lauper
43)Dave Mustaine(Megadeth)
44)Mike Patton
45)Sinead O' Connor
46)Louie Armstrong
47)King Diamond
48)Janis Joplin
49)Johnny Cash
50)Billy Corgan
51)Jello Biafra
52)John Fogerty
53)Justin Vernon(Bon Iver)
54)Thom Yorke
55)Caleb Followill(Kings of Leon)
56)Doug Martsch (Built To Spill)
57)Aaron Neville
58)Nick Drake
59)Jon Anderson(Yes)
60)Michael McDonald(Doobie Bros.)

I'm sure I missed a couple ,two ,three....and that's where you come in.
Stay golden, pony boys...
Keep Your Feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars....
when one door closes another one opens.....

and all of that shit.


  1. your opening line had me laughing so hard. you really are something.

    Great list. I agree with all of them - even the ones I don't have a clue about - because that's the kind of mood I'm in! I trust you. I will walk across burning coals to prove it.

    Seriously, I do love the list....Shannon Hoon, I miss you.

  2. The hardest working man in show business,
    Mr. Dynamite, Soul brother number one... Whatever you want to call him, there was never another voice like James Browns.

    As overplayed as some of his stuff is, I also think Steve Miller has a great voice. I'd pay good money just to hear him read the phone book.

  3. Geoff Tate - Up through "Empire"
    Bruce Dickinson - Iron Maiden
    Ian Gillian - Deep Purple
    Les Claypool - Primus (not the greatest vocalist, but definitely original)
    Biff Byford (one of my favorite rock and roll names) - Saxon
    Corey Glover - Living Colour

  4. What is this rigamarole about Geddy Lee and Joni Mitchell having parenthases (74-82) and Geoff Tate "up to Empire"? Either they're one of a kind vocalists or they're not. Just because you don't like any Rush albums after Signals, doesn't mean Geddy's voice is any less decipherable. Coming up on CMF two for Tuesday, Fly By Night from Rush featuring Geddy Lee when I think he could sing, and then The Big Money when he didn't have a voice anymore. Doesn't work that way. Check your personal feelings at the door when making lists. Otherwise they are not lists. And as long as i'm blowing a gasket here, can I ask where Bob Dylan's name is or how bout Rodger Hodgeson and you know how i feel about Ozzy and Klaus Meine, they are nowhere to be found. Other than that ...GREAT fucking job Sean!

  5. Anonymous6:52 AM

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