Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wifey Meets an Icon

My lovely wife is in Los Angeles for a second week while I am at home, kicking back and taking names, sharing a few cold ones with my son....beer/milk and watching all of the season premieres while downing a hearty amount of carbs (pretzels/goldfish).

Wifey calls me last night during a deep sleep.My dream about fighting androids in the near future (along side R2D2) that look like a cross between Perez Hilton/Jabba the Hut would have to wait..she's 3 hours back and this can only mean she has a celebrity sighting that she just can't wait to spill about or she's past the two drink minimum at one of the hotspots out there, read:(WAYYY past) and wants to toot her horn about it.

This time it happened to be the first choice. Apparently while dining with her creative team at a Moroccan eatery called The Little Door, she was seated at the table directly next to Radiohead frontman and all around legend Thom Yorke!! Unable to keep her mind on the kibbutzing at hand at her own table, she calls me to gloat and giggle like a starstruck girly all hopped up on the spectacle of it all. Wifey is a huge music fan...and would definitely be my 3rd or 4th choice for a lifeline on a game show circuit if need be....

I thought it would end there and congratulated her in a fog of broken REM and got back to being on the frontline with the coolest droid of all....but as it goes I got another call...this time she says: I JUST MET THOM YORKE! to which I say :Hmmnsnatfasticshh!

She said she and a co-worker followed him to the bathroom(stalker)..waited for him to come out(eww,superstalker)and proceeded to tell him how much his music has meant to her over the years( OK,bumped down to thankful superfan), introduced herself and shook his hand. He was very gracious, thanked her for her praise,there was probably an odd silent pause because of his shyness and then her coworker exclaimed "We love what you're doing, don't ever stop!" to which he replied in a very English way, "I believe I will have to someday."(or something like that) and they parted.

I say Way To Go, Wifey! She handled it perfectly. I wouldn't have done it any differently except maybe to tell him that the song No Surprises really did change my life,babbling about it being my anthem while he crept further away inch by inch while I fawned on him and called him a game changer. Of course I never would have approached him or the likes of Macca or Robert Plant w/o being perfectly fitted with the trendiest pair of adult Depends that LA could provide. You have to be prepared for everything.

I assume she'll call me tonight with a story about Rikki Lake cutting in line in front of her at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or seeing Ryan Seacrest shuffling out the back door of a Chippendales show in Burbank. I'll be waiting.


  1. You are sooo funny! Too Cool

  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    What an awesome celeb spotting! I can't imagine a cooler guy to bump into outside of a restroom. I probably woulda stalked him too. -Karin Cross