Monday, January 11, 2010

"Got a Feelin' 2010 is Gonna Be a Good Year"

I have The Who on the brain after being bludgeoned with their Super Bowl halftime promos all Wild Card Weekend while nursing a hangover brought on by a blurry line of basement bourbon shots. Thus, I am using their song "21" from Tommy in the title to this post...which is about the most anticipated releases of 2010 at Circle of Fits.
Usually I write and I drink to forget. But today I write in anticipation of these offerings coming out sometime  this year:


Spoon switches it up with Transference (1/19)

Midlake gives us a cold can of The Courage of Others (2/2)
Yeasayer lays out pints of Odd Blood (2/9)
Peter Gabriel comes out of his cave to present Scratch My Back (2/19)
Fang Island whom I've never heard of but their name kicks ass puts out their debut (2/23)

Rogue Wave rides into shore with Permalight (3/2)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists project  punk pop prophecies with  The Brutalist Bricks (3/9)
Liars indulge us in fibbery with their Sisterworld (3/9)
The Drive By Truckers rock the rest stop with The Big To-Do (3/16)
The White Stripes "will do it live!!" with Under Great White Northern Lights (3/16)
Blues Explosion strip down to their skins with Dirty Shirt Rock and Roll (3/30)


Deftones without their severely injured bassist Chi Cheng will move on with a TBA title.(4/27)

And for the rest of the year, look for these releases, which may or may not be talked about in a warm, comfy style that allows fans to hug it out and rejoice here at Circle of Fits :

Beastie Boys get tongues wagging with Hot Sauce Committee Part. 1
Blitzen Trapper tear out of another woodshed with another album not yet titled.
Cake burn the bread with a new cd in the Spring.
The Dead Weather can keep Jack White sitting still long enough to release a second album.
Deer Tick dig under your skin with More Fuel for the Fire (EP).
Devo keep it pseudo real with Fresh( sometime in 2010).
Brian Ferry puts on another suit and puts out another album of the smooth, soothing croonish type.
Courtney Love opens up her Hole again for everyone to see Nobody's Daughter this year.
The New Pornographers keep it clean with a cd to be heard in the coming months.
R.E.M. dust off their indie bones with something to offer this year.
U2 sell it hard and suck us in with some Line on the Horizon leftovers called Songs of Ascent.
Smashing Pumpkins dole out a song at a time with their Teargarden by Kaliedyscope project.
Radiohead could do the same or give it all away again with a new album by year's end.
Ron Wood puts his fists and his smokes down long enough to release More Good News.

ZZ Top, with beards back in style aim to capitalize with new blues in 2010.
Ozzy shakes and shouts his way through a Zakk Wylde-less album this year.
High on Fire blow the doors off of this closed up vacant world with Snakes For the Divine
The National turn Brooklyn on its ear again with an album already on Pitchforks best of 2010 list
Joanna Newsom trades in the Harp and Fairie Dust for the fashion runway with her new album in 2010.
Dr. Dog eek their way into more hip festivals and soundbites with their new album.
Red Fang soon to steamroll over your soul with a highly anticipated, sleeping God- awakening new album.

If you want to add to the list and don't care about the stream of reeking shit that is Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Panic at the Disco, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Usher and Big Boi. who also happen to have unanticipated, retreaded, overhyped new material to poop out....feel free to let me know. My bite is only every so often worse than my bark, and I look forward to your own submissions...and be as indie/obscure as you want to be! I love all music and all people.


  1. There just has to be enough material left to cobble together another posthumous Tupac CD.

    Pac Man Fever is coming your way in 2010...

  2. It is rumored that Rush may come out with a new album and a do a tour this year. Nothing confirmed, yet.