Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy 75th Birthday, Mr. Presley

Yes, the king would have been 75...or is 75 working as a line cook at a Waffle House in Little Rock. I miss him....It is because of him that I never combine my happy pills with pain killers, I never push too hard on the bowl, never keep a gun handy while watching the Grammys and never trust anyone with the first name "Colonel".(I haven't been to a KFC since the 70s).

I never wear my blue suede boots while shoveling the driveway,I always wear shades when rocking rhinestones to reduce the glare, and I always TCB,baby (Talk Crap about Bands).

Happy Birthday, EAP..tonight I'll have a PBS(peanutbutterbananasandwich) with my PBR, in your honor....

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  1. I put on my red shoes and danced celebrate David B's birthday. Elvis was the first celebrity to die of rx drugs, now its in the news everyday. Sigh.