Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I am in a lazy linking livin' lovin' mood today so I'm going to do what any good covert informant would do and link you up to new manifestos, words of wisdom and articles which may steer you wrong or right. The choice is yours on the internets..the wURLd is yer oyster...

First up: A link to Krist Novacelic's response to Bono's  recent Twitter regarding file sharing: infuriating and invigorating...make sure you read the responses as well...

Next: Another Best/Worst of 2009 list from the folks at Buddyhead....The list of best of's is so obscure that it makes Pitchfork's perception of indie rock look like their site was run by Simon Cowell....BUT their worst of's is right on the schnozz and hilarious.!

How about a recreation of various Album Covers from the 80s using comic book superheroes? I would have liked to see the Hulk instead of Elektra on the Flashdance cover..since Hulk was always comfortable with ripped clothes and that gray sweatshirt would have looked great hanging off of one of his massive shoulders.

The awesome band Valient Thorr linked to this site, as I listed their album Immortalizer in my  Top 50 of the decade..and now I will return the favor. Do yourself a favor, become a Thorrior!

And Finally: For those of you who don't know what The Onion is: it happens to be one of the best hernia- by- laughter publications of all time: Find it now...sometimes the headlines are all you need to read to bust a chuckle out. Here is their take on The Year In Band Names....,36204/

And now...back to your regularly scheduled cripplingly slow news week.


  1. I have followed the subversion that is The Onion for years and it is pretty damn funny. Though I have forwarded select pieces to people and have received zero haha. I guess some people have had their sense of humor surgically removed.

  2. Not sure I quite get it some of the times but it is produced here in my home state of Wisconsin