Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tonight's Show: Nick Oliveri

I plan on leaving the house this evening for the first time in almost a week to see a show. No it's not a local dinner theater production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown or an anger management support group...and yes, I know there's football on. But Nick Oliveri is coming to Philly and I'm going to review the show and kiss his ass.
Nick Oliveri is a badass bass player and one of the most crazed and colorful characters in rock. For those of you who don't know..he was in the best(and one of the first) stoner rock bands of all time, Kyuss.He left in 1992 Then he shaved his head, grew an award winning billy goat beard and followed fellow Kyuss-er Josh Homme into a little band called Queens of the Stone Age. His reckless attitude, bottom end and very physical bass playing contributed to spectacular Queens songs like "Autopilot", "Gonna Leave You" and "Tension Head", all of which he had a hand or more in writing. He stayed on thru the Songs for the Deaf album. Josh kicked him out for rumored reasons that span from drug abuse to physical abuse.  In my opinion(and a shitload of purists as well) QOTSA, has never been the same.
The dude keeps busy, though. He started his own band Mondo Generator, played/plays bass in the Dwarves, Moistboyz(great Ween side project) and another LA band called the Knives.  Nick has also been on a couple "solo/acoustic" tours where he plays guitar and croons his way through his catalog. Tonight he again plays wicked troubador in support of his latest album in a label jumping career called Death Acoustic.

I will be swaying along to his tender jams with all of the other temper and alcohol fueled fans up front. With a little liquid courage, I might have him autograph my boob.

Here's Nick teaching us how to play the great druggie anthem "Autopilot"..

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