Monday, January 25, 2010

I Am Ozzy: Ozzy on the Today Show

Ozzy came out of the caves of "Darkness" (his and Sharon's Malibu beach house ) to start promotion on his new book I Am Ozzy. This morning he was interviewed by rock historian Meredith Viera on the Today Show.
You gotta love her first question, following an intro of  druggy, seedy bullet points and quotes from his life and the book: "How are you alive?"  What an excellent journalistic approach! Hurray ratings! Yes we all know the stories, but I am still amazed that sensationalist interviews like this one still cater to the masses who know Ozzy for his bat biting, his incoherent mumbling and his reality show. Wouldn't it have been cool for Meredith to whip out a copy of  Masters of Reality and ask him to sign it?! Or maybe ask him whom he liked better, Randy or Tony? Yeah, but that isn't giving the people what they want, right?  They want the drugs and the sex...but not the rock and roll.

I am also perplexed as to why Ozzy felt it was time for his tell all? Believe me, after seeing this interview(which does him no favors..stumble. mumble. no clue, etc.)I'll have to read it just to get some sort of answer out of him. Maybe, at this time in his life, as clean and clear headed? as he is, it was the first time he could detail his escapades and excess with clarity, albeit with a ghost writer who doubled as a translator. He certainly doesn't need the money. But we all know that redheaded puppetmaster who shares 5 houses with him DOES.

Is it promotion for something else? Another round of Ozzfest? A new album(his first w/o Zakk Wylde in many years). Neither were mentioned. But they have a second camera on Sharon (of course) who looks like a  plasticine carnival barker wherever she goes..

But what about the music??????

Not Today...Not tomorrow either.


  1. Right on Seano. What a dipwad interviewer. How many times do we need to hear he was wasted all the time? What about the music??? I would have whipped out Paranoid for an autograph though and asked him what they were thinking when they wrote War Pigs. Did they get a call from Secret Service bout their political views? More questions than he can probably answer and you can only understand every third or fourth word when he does talk but he still would be an interesting guy to sit and listen to. Maybe he would talk to you LOL.

  2. Yep. This is the way it always is on "mainstream" tv. Lets face it, the people that watch that show probably don't care about Ozzy's music, they just know him from all the sensationalism, which he played into by having a reality show. I agree that it seems like Sharon runs the show and he just goes along with it.

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  4. Sabbath records were responsible for bringing an axe, stomp box and a little amp into my life in the early 80s.

    To see Oz propped up on a morning show where they promote banality, cook and do crafts is just sad.

    Tony should show up at his house and punch him for old time's sake.