Friday, January 15, 2010

Links that Dont Stink: Vice and Mojo

Its time for my Friday: Links That Don't Stink posting.(which often is not on Friday)

Ahhh..Yesss.. Vice Magazine...For the entirety of my 6 years in NYC..I lived in the world's most famous hipster enclave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In 2000 when I moved there..(.which had nothing to do with being trust funded and bored, calling myself an artist and wanting to start a band that went out of their way to make music that most of the continent would find unlistenable). I just found an apartment with friends of friends who had a yard and I had a dog (RIP, Blarney) and it happened to be there..on Broadway under the JMZ train...I was 2nd wave all changed in 2004 after I left...the pretension tripled in size, and the hipsters I saw back then are now running the music industry with their blogs......In the Hipster World circa 2003.....and according to the awesome Hipster Handbook written by Robert Lanham..I was known as a "Bipster"which is defined as "a blue-collar hipster who shuns art-school pretension and has little patience with leisure-class Hipsters. Hell, I wasn't even that cool..I just knew my rock and had an awesome set of tools. I liked thrift stores and PBR, too but that's because I was poor and I drank so much that I had to buy bigger jeans more often. Burp. Rock. Repeat.

But every chance I got, I would pick up my monthly FREE Vice magazine, either at a Brooklyn Industry location or Bedford Ave vestibule.It is written and published by hipsters, yet poking fun at anything and everything culturally relevant...and equally hyping or dissing all types of music and art in an extremely witty, biting and non preachy style, and often including excellent odd and taboo photography from the likes of Terry Richardson and Ryan McGinley. They are still around. But I can't get the mag here in Philly. I like the mag more than the website.. If you are in NY..send me some copies and I'll say really nice things about you for a week or so.

Here is a sample from December(and be sure to read the fucking funny) An article called How to Ruin Music

Mojo Magazine is quite simply, the best music magazine on the planet, as I've probably said here before. The best writers bring exhaustive research and an educated opinion to their articles and interviews covering current as well as obscure artists and topics.Every monthly issue will take you a week to read. I feel smarter when I read it and it is a nice change of pace from my usual Teen Beat and Christian Science Monitor. It is UK based..and costs around 10 dollars at any newsstand here in the states. Steep yes, but every issue is like a novel. They have a website which is not nearly as thorough as the magazine, but you can subscribe to the newsletter, to get a quick fix.

Here's a very British take on the worst album covers from 2009

Finally for today, The Fleshmap (for music)
A visual chart on how often certain body parts are mentioned in songs from different genres of music.
Brilliant...and very informative...  I would have added  Punk, Pop and Crab Core, though.
Here's the link:

Enjoy your weekend...and always remember...Burp. Rock. Repeat.


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