Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aerosmith: Dream Off?

The blogosphere is abuzz with the "news" or  "announcement" that Steven Tyler has left Aerosmith after 39 and some odd years with the band, and that the band plans to continue on without him. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford have volleyed out some fascinating and scandalous quotes and soundbites for immediate consumtion by a story driven media. The problem is...There's 2 sides to every story and the world has yet to hear Mr. Tyler speak on the matter. So we are left with SPECULATION, folks. Not a finite answer. Hell, the question hasn't even been asked of Steven yet.

I don't like to rehash these quotes because they have been used and abused at the surface of this (so far) NON story: but they ALL stem from just two stories from Classic Rock Magazine and an interview with the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.
Joe Perry: "Steven Tyler has quit as far as I can tell. He has had no contact with me or the other band members."
Brad Whitford: "Nobody could replace Steven or imitate him – he's one of a kind. But if somebody was willing to do it and the chemistry was right, why not?"
Steven Tyler: "I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but it’s definitely going to be something Steven Tyler: working on the brand of myself – Brand Tyler,"

Look, has anybody talked about Steven's upcoming autobiography Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? to be released in 2010 and the probable promotion that may surround it?  Can anybody picture a 61 year old man who has allowed Joe Perry to promote his freaking hot sauce and release an album and tour with the Joe Perry Project, wanting to do something on his own for once in 40 years?!!

Is it possible that the "Brand Tyler" soundbite was merely a playful or out of context jab at Perry's endeavors?
Was anything said about the corporate gig in San Francisco (for Oracle) they have done SINCE these soundbites were put out there?  Are any of you the same age as he and experienced what it feels like to blindly fall off a stage, injure yourself and maybe have to worry about the need for painkillers? Nobody knows the extent of his injuries.

When he was treated for hepatitis several years back he was put on painkillers which made him relapse into a dependency . The guy put himself into rehab at that time. Is he worried about a similar situation as a result of his fall in August?

Does anybody state that their pre- concert dressing rooms have NEVER been close to each other and there has been little or no band discussion before a show for many years. I was witness to that...having spent an hour in his dressing room with my beloved sister before a show in September of 2006. Musicians have rituals before shows..and he had a make up artist and a pilates machine for stretching in that room with him.

I'm suprised at the lack of reporting in the blogosphere and the rampant speculation. The homework is easy. Not one reporter or blogger has gone to Aeroforceone.com, their official fan club/website for a possible interview or statement from any insider. I have, and everything I stated has been previously discussed by friends of the band and insiders as well in depth on the forums.

Joe Perry is restless(as he has always been), Steven may need a break. That is all I will commit to at this time.

Collect more facts before you get them sraight.


  1. My response is somewhere between: "who cares" and "good riddance".
    Turn the page, Aeorsmith...or simply close the book.

  2. Hey, Mr. age-ist(Anthony), Have you seen Aerosmith live lately...ever? I have and was blown away. I'm well aware of your(and sometimes my)distaste for geezer rock..but A-smith brings the goods from Rocks, Get Your Wings, Toys and Draw The Line in their set. I only heard one ballad. Most of the bluesmen you love are hovering around SS benefit age as well my dear friend. And I might say your talent has only grown as a guitarist as you have aged as well.

    Maybe I'm just wasting print here and your comment was aimed at the fact that you merely hate the band and not the fact that they lay in the who gives a shit geezer category.

    I seem to remember nailing a version of Walkin' the Dog with you more than once, albeit their version is from 1973.

  3. Update(but still no real story)

    Joe Perry has been tweeting that Aerosmith have not broken up and will still go on...grumbling about a 40 year history and not wanting to throw it away.

    That's hilarious, Joe. Get some young buck or washed up hack w/o a band to step into Steven's shoes after 40 years. Call it anything but Aerosmith.

    If Steven ever responds to this mess, we might finally have a story.

  4. I saw Aerospace back when you were probably in diapers (how old are you? Maybe you weren't even born???) I was pretty dang young myself. I have always and will always love Steven Tyler because in my mind, he is what set them apart from all the other bands. I wish him luck in whatever he decides to go whether it be with the guys or solo. No one can replace him. Its not like a david lee roth/sammy hagar issue.