Friday, November 06, 2009

An Interview with the Beatles Remastering Team

There's been a large chunk of talk about the newly remastered Beatles catalog. Some nay but mostly YAY. I lay with YAY as I say every day. Yay plays okay, so why stray today....There is so much new beauty in the remasters and it thoroughly surprised me.with headphones if you can. Even in Mp3 format , you should be blown away,  Get yourself a pint and a few granny smith's(or vice versa) and dig into these reissues.... From a link via the great music website Glorious Noise, I found an interview with the entire engineering team team responsible for this enormous can be found here . I hope you take the time to read and enjoy it.

Have a Good Weekend.......Seano


  1. Thanks for putting this up. I'll be opening a beer before I check out the link, sir.

  2. I'll be having a Granny Smith. Generally I like remasters....

  3. The White Album was also the first one I got and it kicks total ass. After you start getting bored with it, shut off your right speaker. You will hear all sorts of new shit...