Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday: Complete With No Shopping Whatsoever

Do you think Becker and Fagen are in line at a Best Buy somewhere right now?  Do you think anyone is rushing out to get a copy of the remastered Katy Lied today for their very informed teenage son today?  I say no. People are much too busy buying a bigger plasma screen to watch American Idol on. Shoppers are scratching and scrumming each other in a bouncing bloated rush to get to the PS3s and the Bella and Edward dolls.
I wonder if the octogenarian mall wallking grandmoms in their velour track suits are pissed off today, with their early morning excercise routes being crowded by a stampede of suburbanite, sugarfueled super shoppers..engulfing their buckets of Frappachino and Orange Julius on the way to get Cousin It a socket set at Sears.
I'll keep wondering that while I'm safe at home...waiting for the turkey soup to be done...watching this video....


  1. Anybody know who that guitarist(w/the Telecaster)is? He looks like Lyle Lovett with an assload more guitar lessons.

  2. I don't know, I was at Best Buy today and I saw this dude that looked a lot like Donald Fagan...

    I actually got this song stuck in my head this morning and have been singing it all day! I HATE shopping and was only at Best Buy out of desperation for a necessity.

  3. His name is Jon Herington and the guy is a killer player. Has a couple of discs of his own out, I think.

  4. fuck black friday. i stayed home