Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fits Shaped Like Circles

Moody sieve separating the rain from the idleness today.
amazing ungraceful stasis "goin' my way?"
wet wheat wet chaff cold shower blood bath
bad blood rivers run in a room full of laughs
wanted to do a metal haiku and came up with a thousand syllables too many.
 spy named jacked my laptop a plenty
cant reward a reader,can't get my trivial stuff done
can't fool you readers who think I'm having fun
on a glacier slow machine 4 years too old
threaded with virus and malware and now, malcontent mold.
money always tight when you covet a dream
and the fits shaped like circles will make you come clean
on a blog where mere mortals are shielded by words
opinions are knives hari karied into the guts of clean thought and brain turds.
What shall I skewer today to hide me
TaylorSwiftGrizzly BearNancyGraceMTV
or the writers who put bad Brooklyn bands in the game.
I've lost track of which planet of hate I am on.
Out of work, studderstepping in unstable ground.
Tit For Tat Sink or Swim Ride to Live Pound For Pound.
Dark road like a sweater or crackling fire.
kept warm in the glowing jail of desire.
Desire to be recognized off of this couch
something other than brooding or casting out ouch.
adopting addiction for my calling card.
downloading corroding chipping off shards
picked up in a gust forgotten in time
the only thing easier is the next rhyme.
a stalemate with a shadow that chomps at the bit
form fits shaped like circles , or Circles of Fits.

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