Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks Alot

Thanks alot to:  Bang Camaro, Every Day Visuals, Leslie, The House Harkonnen, Hot Leg, Skeletonwitch, The Hold Steady, Gallows, Whorehound, Dean Lickyer, Kylesa, Black Math Horsemen, Electric Six, Tortoise, Mastodon, Buckethead, Eagles of Death Metal, Rival Schools, Red Fang, Valient Thorr, Them Crooked Vultures, Back Door Slam, Butch Walker, Doves, The Mars Volta, Rilo Kiley, Benji Hughes and  Wilco for your high caliber live shows and keeping me of the ilk of one who believes in Rock and Roll music.

Thanks to:  Cormac McCarthy, Lester Bangs, Richard Meltzer, Geoff Emerick, Chuck Palahniuk, Dave Eggers, Vice Dos and Don'ts, Richard Price,Greg Kot, Jim DeRogatis, John Schaeffer, Michael Butler, Matty Robinson, Adam Kempenaar, Dave Attell, Howard Stern, Tim Henson, Juxtapoz Magazine, Wired Magazine and Mojo Magazine for your comedy, journalism and your fiction. You have made my escape much easier this year.

Thanks to: Jann Wenner, Irving Azoff, Gene Simmons, Adam Lambert, Ryan Seacrest, Clear Channel, Beyonce, Chris Cornell, Kenny Chesney, Rob Sheffield, Dancing With the Stars, Kings Of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, Brooklyn Vegan, a Pavement Reunion, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Jay-Z, Lil Anyone, Blink 182 reunion, the readers of Us Weekly, Jack Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, Daughtery, Kid Rock, T.I., T-Pain, skinny jeans, Glen Beck, bad beards, fame whores and television from the hours of 7am to midnight for giving me fodder, fungal food for thought and FAILS. You are the Turkeys of 2009. May you run around with your heads cut off.

Thanks to: Leslie(again), Baroness, Jason Isbel, Dan Auerbach, The Heartless Bastards, Lightening Dust, Blitzen Trapper, Built to Spill, The Company Band, Spinnerette, The Sword, Girl Talk, Howlin' Rain, Moistboyz, Neko Case, The Parlor Mob, Paul McCartney's remastered bass lines, Priestess, Wino, Three Inches of Blood and Them Crooked Vultures for letting me hear your most recent work and allowing me to etch it into my permanent, unbreakable musicology.

Thanks to:  Layla's Classic Rock, Isorski's Musings, Pod, Blogs N' Roses, Crustcake, Antiquiet, Glorious Noise, MXDWN,, Cracked, Look At This Fucking Hipster, Dlisted and Goldenfiddlr for Inspiration.

Thanks to:  The readers.... silent but deadly or ever present. I do it for your love.

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. And thanks to you for being you in all that you do. :)

  2. P.S. I am glad you mentioned Dave Eggers. I have never read one of his books but picked one out to send my "other son" while he's stuck "inside" for awhile.

  3. Happy T-Day, bro! From one of your not-so-silent readers.

  4. Hope you're enjoying the holiday, Sean. I always check in here because I know that I'm going to get a razor sharp balance of wit, entertainment and education in every post.

  5. Anonymous11:47 PM

    And thank you, too. Keep it up, Seano.