Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wishlist of Live Rock

This morning as I perused the headlines provided by my fellow rock bloggers,  I came upon an announcement by Bad Company of an imminent mini reunion tour in the UK coming in 2010... thank you Nightwatcher's House of Rock for this news. Much to the chagrin of most of my friends, I happen to love Bad Company. Paul Rodgers has always been on a top 10 list of Fav Vocalists, and even though small city rock radio staples like "Can't Get Enough" and "Feel Like Makin' Love" have ended up litter on the dirty rock highway of my brain, I can dig deep and find other songs to sing in traffic. I have probably the best Paul Rodgers voice on my block, I think, but we've been here two years and I haven't met the neighbors yet.

Then my train of thought veered off to Pelham Bay or Brighton Beach distant reaches or "Christ,we're out of milk again" then somehow came back to Paul Rodgers again and I realized that I've NEVER seen him live...not with Free(I was, like 5), Bad Co., The Firm or Queen.

Which is an insanely roundabout way to come up with my Wishlist of Live Rock. A list of artists/bands/poseurs that I've never seen live and would surely like to before I'm drooling on my arm alone in the dark hallway of a rest home, staring at the wall from my locked wheelchair, mumbling AC/DC lyrics.

The only "rule" I have with this list is that the artist must still be above ground and walking mostly upright. If he..she has to use a teleprompter, wear a colostomy bag or be held up by invisible wires, thats OK. Here goes:

1)Bad Company- no Paul with Queen, thank you. I'll keep my Freddy where I want him.

2) David Bowie-It will probably have to be at some Silicon Valley Corporate Event where they wire a couple million into his acct. He doesn't tour and he doesn't like the Hits.

3)Fleetwood Mac- Gotta see Stevie twirl those scarves, even if they're much larger now and she uses them primarily to hide her girth.

4) Jeff Beck- The closest thing to a living guitar God whom still roams the earth, besides..he never has a singer and it will be all notes, no banter and no Rod Stewart standards.

5) Big Star- Power pop was put on the map because of them, three of them are still alive and almost all of their songs are brilliant.

6) Lou Reed- One of the legendary curmudgeons of rock, who always has a great band when he tours. Even if he hates every member of the audience, I'd still go in hopes of hearing anything off of Berlin or Coney Island Baby.

7) Alice Cooper- For the shock, the origin of shock, the shock of the snake and guillotine, and the shock of a golf semi-pro in greasepaint belting out "Under My Wheels".

8) Danzig- The guy was in the Misfits! He's a hulky little elf with a punk/Elvis delivery. What's not to like?

9) Iron Maiden/ Judas Priest- The absolute tragedy of such a closet metal head as me not having seen these two giants is so comical, that I've lumped them together like 2 spikes on a wrist bracelet, in hopes of seeing them tour together and for the encore bring "Eddie" out in nothing but leather chaps riding a Harley.

10) Bruce Springsteen-  I hated Bruce for years for no real reason except that the over perfumed cheerleader with a chirpy voice that sat next to me in drafting class in 8th grade was a fan...and that's not enough.

Honorable mentions: Prince,Ween, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, High On Fire, The Kinks, John Fogerty, Kraftwerk, Echo and the Bunnymen, Loverboy, Neko Case,The Pretenders, Blackmore's Night(never seen Richie), The Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Slayer, Son Volt, Stevie Wonder, Dream Theater, Insane Clown Posse, High School Musical, R. Kelly and Wayne Newton.

Yes, I would like to see your lists as well. Thank you very much.....


  1. I've never seen AC/DC and probably ought too one of these tours. I saw Bad Co with the other singer, opening for the reunited mark IV Deep Purple in the 80s. They were great but yeah Paul Rodgers is the man. Just like the Who etc the radio only plays a handful of Bad Co's songs and I am sick to death of them. But their catalog is deep with nary a bad track. Their first two CDs are must-own but last time I checked, they are not available on iTunes. Travesty.

    BTW, I have not read your Vultures review yet as to not taint my own, which I will publish tomorrow (and then I will read yours!)

  2. Well, not to brag or anything, but I've seen all of the artists you mentioned excerpt for:

    Big Star, Danzig, Prince, Van Morrison, High on Fire, Kraftwerk, Echo Neko Case,The Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Son Volt, Dream Theater, Insane Clown Posse, High School Musical, R. Kelly and Wayne Newton.

    I am so glad you want to give Bruce a chance...I promise you that you would LOVE IT and if not I will pay for your ticket. (you have this in writing with witnesses)

    There is no one alive that I want to see that I have not seen yet. Would love to see Bowie again, he's a class act and is so friendly with his audience, last time I saw him he was wearing an Armani suit and looked FABULOUS :)

  3. Mine would be:

    LED ZEPPELIN-If they ever get a reunion

    Fleetwood Mac-Only if Christine McVie rejoins

    Bruce Springsteen-I've a got special reason for wanting to go

    Pearl Jam -'Nuff said.

    Yes-The classic line up.

    Journey-If Steve Perry rejoins

    U2-They've always been among favorite bands.

    Phish-I've heard that they are an experience to go see.

    Counting Crows-I've heard their bootlegs. They put out an awesome show full of improvisation.

    Kiss(yeah, I like 'em)-If Ace and Peter rejoins.

  4. Saw Maiden twice; on the Powerslave tour and again with Dio and Motorhead about six years ago.

    I wish had been on the rooftop at 3 Savile Row on January 30th, 1969, seen the Who do Tommy or Led Zep at a smaller venue all in that same year.

    Biggest disappointment in this category? I had tickets to see Buddy Rich and the gigs were cancelled as he took ill and died that spring.