Monday, November 02, 2009

Indaba Music

I think I've found a cure for the empty basement blues. I was reading Wired magazine( really just looking at the pictures and dreaming that I knew what all that techspeak meant), while waiting for my slice of 6 meat, 7 cheese slice of pizza the other day when I came across an advertisement for another phone with too many functions. One of the men featured in the ad was Daniel Zaccagnino, who is the CEO of a company called Indaba Music.

Indaba Music is " a web platform that enables musicians all over the world to create music together in online recording sessions".  Wow...I thought to myself, no more dredging the molding fogies on Craigslist for a possible collaborator on my musical endeavors, no more drummers showing up at my place who make Meg White look like Stewart I took a look, signed up and it was as easy as that. Apparently its FREE and you can do everything from your browser. You can create a profile which allows musicians to find you and vice versa.

Coincidentally, my pal Isorski was just saying the other day that he'd like to collaborate with me because he heard how fucking RAWK I am, and I suggested we start with some lightweight jingles we could try to sell to companies like Massengill, Flomax and Playtex. We will be getting started on this soon just to get our feet wet.

Now I can just lay back and indent the couch even more as I'm nailing a spandex worthy
 high C on the laptop while adorned with a cookie crumb necklace and kicking it in my tightest briefs. Its genius!

Seriously, though.  This sounds like a next step for me. I demand you check it out and stretch those creative muscles again.   Go to Indaba Music and find the stage again on your laptop.


  1. best of luck to your Isorski on your jingles :)

    that pizza's gonna get you!

  2. Dang, this is cool! Lemme know if you get it up and running and we can pick a consumer brand to lambaste. (Ain't singing for Pepsi/Ain't singing for Coke/I don't sing for nobody/makes me look like a joke...

  3. SEANO - Yesterday someone told me about some other online tool where you can have a band rehearsal without everyone having to show up and be in the same just log into some site, get yer webcam going, and go for it. I don think what they were talking about is the same thing you mentioned here. Any idea what im talking about? I did not get the name of whatever it was.....