Friday, November 20, 2009

Steel Panther: Best Ballad Ever

I am sure I'm late to the party on this one, but I finally got around to listening to the new Steel Panther CD. I broke out the red leather pants to set the mood, lathered up the legs with Canola oil, and herniated a disc trying to get them on... For those of you who don't know..Steel Panther are a very popular LA based hair metal tribute/parody band who have had a residency at the legendary Key Club on the Sunset Strip for years. They were formally known as Metal Skool and very convincingly poke fun at the glam/hair genre better than anyone. The lead singer "Michael Starr" is a versatile vox genius for emulating anyone from John Bon Jovi to Gary Cherone to David Lee Roth to a Fucking T!!! He was formerly the DLR in the very successful VH tribute band Atomic Punks .

Their new album, Feel the Steel is full of full-on raunchy songs and many of the familiar sounds and solos of the high hair metal era. When I say raunch...I mean raunch. Backstage X rated lyrics that will make you bust a gut or bust a nut. I'm such a fan, I'm under a heat lamp right now, waiting for my newly frosted blond highlights to dry as I type this.

This video is called "Community Property" from the new album. It already gets my vote for Best Ballad Ever. Better than "More Than Words", Better than "When The Children Cry"...even better than "Don't Know What You Got(Till its Gone)". I'm thinking of sucking in my cheeks for every picture taken of me from now on. I'm thinking of switching to proudly displaying "the shocker" from proudly displaying the "horns up" from now on....  that being said...the vid is not for the easily offended...but then again, if you're easily offended what the hell are you doing here?!!!  Go watch 2 and 1/2 Men or something.


  1. Man...I think that is the best video I have ever seen! Great stuff.
    I am actually a HUGE atomic punks fan - looks like the guitar player is from there as well.
    Incredible musicians. I am downloading the whole album as I speak.

  2. Jesus H Christ that was funny...

  3. Looks like they pulled the Vid off youtube, which is VERY sad!

    I will keep looking for it in othe places.

  4. More Steel Panther!