Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dave Grohl's Wedding Band

For those of you newly engaged and in the midst of planning for that special day (or chained to a wall in the basement crawlspace while your wife-to-be does it). Consider this...DJ's are cheap but so boring. You'll basically be paying a ground level schlub with a laptop to spin radio hits from the top 40 Clear Channel playlists of all time. Your guests will dance rhythm-free with bellyfuls of bottom shelf margaritas sloshing around on a parquet dance floor and get lost, bored or nauseous after three songs. The floor will clear and the dude behind the laptop with the 1984 style tux on will quickly spin "At Last"-by Etta James or Come On Eileen..depending on which direction he needs the mood to go to avoid more dead air and dead floor time.

Why go through all of that? Don't you want the memories from your wedding to go viral via someones flip camera while you're still on your way to the hotel for your first "legal" bang with the new missus? Here's your answer!! Dave Grohl has a wedding band! Not satisfied with touring with Them Crooked Vultures and the Foo Fighters back to back year round, Mr. Grohl is now filling in his odd remaining weekends with gigs with his old band Crisis of Conformity.  Below is the promo video for your consideration....

Please contact B. Balzhanioux Productions at 555-277-5425 for inquiries.

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  1. Oh goodie. I was holding off getting engaged because of the whole wedding music thing, now I can proceed with my plans.