Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Top 30 "Ass In Gear" Songs

I had a fight with a bottle of wine last night. I ended up taking everything she had, but she ended up winning. It sounds ridiculous, but when there's no beer in the house...bad things happen. I sat down to watch the LOST premiere like a good fan should and started to extend the region of my tolerance for the Jesus Juice as a reaction to the entire hour of backstory that was rolled out before the premiere.....The next scene I remember being in was laying on the kitchen floor next to the cat bowls in the dark with my slipper in the vittles. Did I go to pet the cat while he was snacking and did the varmint leave my hand hanging there? Did I pass out mid- pet? I guess I'll never know unless he starts talkin'.

I'm not a wine drinker..but when desperate for a drink or forced to impress some snooty neighbor, I like my wine tasting as close to juice as I can just get it over with, you know.
And that's the problem.

I drank the whole bottle. Kind of tasted like Apple Juice way past its freshness date. Bad move, rookie.

Today I needed all sorts of help getting going. Not in a hair of the dog sort of way, but in a "need coffee, blood transfusion or a redo on the last 12 hours" sort of way.

My music brought me out of the cursed crushed grape fog, though. Which brings me to today's list.

The Top 25 Ass In Gear adrenaline so to speak.  The next morning go- to tunes that put your spine in line and set your attitude back to its default presets....Some people favor a little Bobby Mcferrin/Phoebe Snow/anything Motown/Jason Mraz/Chick Rock to start their inner motor. Fuck that..I go right for the jugular with a swift injection of balls to the wall riff juice. ...Here's my list:

1) Supernaut-Black Sabbath- immense, just immense.
2) Evil- Cactus--massive, overlooked boogie rock from the early 70s
3) The Soapmakers-Clutch
4) Waiting Room-Fugazi
5) Flight of Icarus-Iron Maiden
6) That Song-Big Wreck- seek out this now defunct Canuck band...will be worth yer while.
7) Black Country Rock-David Bowie
8) Regular John/Avon-Queens of the Stone Age-never been able to separate this uppercut/knockout.
9) Hooker With a Penis-Tool "If I'm the man, then you're the man and he's the man as well"
10) My Ghettoblaster-Brant Bjork and the Operators
11) Speed King-Deep Purple
12) I Just Want To(Make Love To You)- Foghat
13) Mother Puncher-Mastodon- music to start apocalypses to.
14) California Uber Alles-Dead Kennedys
15) Destination Diamonds-Diamond Nights- where did NYC's Diamond Nights go?
16) Green Machine-Kyuss- "I've got a war inside my head"
17) My Morning Song-The Black Crowes
18) The Tweaker-Moistboyz-balls out Dean Ween side project
19) Jailbait- Motorhead
20) Breed-Nirvana
21) Travellin' Riverside Blues-Led Zeppelin
22) Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine
23) Prehistoric Dog- Red Fang- One of the loudest bands I have ever heard.
24) Rip This Joint -The Rolling Stones
25) Low Self Opinion- Rollins Band
26) Tales of a Scorched Earth-Smashing Pumpkins
27) Kyle Petty,Son Of Richard- Soundgarden- The live version from Self Pollution Radio 1995
28) Deadbolt- Lady White Noise- a song from my old band Lady White Noise
29) Dead End Friends- Them Crooked Vultures
30) Sinner's Swing-Van Halen

This should be your playlist if you want to join a front line with no weapon , dabble in duck duck goose using electric chairs,burrow a hole to the earths inner core using your fingers and a plastic spoon or just to get your ass in gear.

Feel free to add/subtract/dispute my list while listening to the Dave Matthews Band box set.


  1. 30 Days in the Hole- Humble Pie
    LIve At Leeds-The whole damn thing

  2. don't even ask what happened the last time I drank the evil grape. Never again.

    your list is great...just heard that Foghat tune

  3. This is why I don't drink squashed grape sap. No, really. If I fell asleep with an appendage in my cat's bowl, I'd wake up minus digits and in a heck of a lot of pain.

    My list would not have anything by The Black Crowes and, while I fucking love anything by Clutch, would prefer You Can't Stop Progress as a heart-starter. I'm really stoked to see Low Self Opinion and Dead End Friends in your list, though. Kick arse tracks...


  4. "15) Destination Diamonds-Diamond Nights- where did NYC's Diamond Nights go?"

    we're playing our first show in three years this sat. at the brooklyn bowl. who knows from there?

  5. Don't be shittin' me now, SD. For real? I love me some "D Nights...fabulous memories of being a transplanted NYer living in San Francisco...saw you at the Cafe Du Nord in '05 where you blew the night apart!..and the Independent in '06. Then Popsicle...yes, thank you sir may I have another...and I waited patiently just like all of your other fans...heard Morgan moved west and Rob joins Amazing Bowl...I was just there 2 weeks ago for the first time.....Why the reunion, SD? I'm so curious. Let me have the first interview here at Circle of Fits..don't give it to the Brooklyn Vegans!.... Make the glorious riffage pull off a 7/10 split via amperage for me, ok? Lets do this!