Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seano at SXSW

I would like to announce (as well as warn the fine city of Austin,TX) that I will be attending SXSW 2010!

I plan on covering the festival as much as possible with interviews, reporting and blog posts via several websites including this one. For me, and many other music aficionados, SXSW is a mecca. It cannot be missed if you want to find new music to love/hype/bitch about. It cannot be missed if you happen to want to write about music for the rest of your life. Check out the line up so far, and notice all of the bands you've never heard of here:  SXSW Band Schedule(so far).

As you may know, last year I attended as a performer(w/Bang Camaro). I was able to have enough free time between 2 showcases to see bands from afar, or to online RSVP for free showcases. The RSVP doesn't guarantee entry to the showcases, however. Access to shows (hundreds official and hundreds more unofficial) gets tricky. An official all access badge costs around 1K. No can do, this year. I'm too busy transitioning out of a life of hard labor.

Although my attempt to raise money (a SXSW Seanathon) here at Circle of Fits FAILED miserably, I have a good friend and benefactor(Thanks Alex!) who bought me a plane ticket in exchange for my contracting services.

I will still keep the Send Seano to SXSW thingy in the TOP RIGHT column open, however. Because a man needs 4 days worth of beer(fine Shiner beer), Emergence -C,  breakfast tacos and a tie dyed Stevie Ray Vaughan  t-shirt(size XL). There's only so much a homeless looking blogger is willing to do for a backstage pass..cavity search, crack beer or blumpkin not included.

I also need some supple greenbacks to pay the cover charge at various showcases I will be trying to get into.There were over 500 bands showcasing last year(officially) and hundreds more playing parties scattered around downtown Austin last year. So if you get a tax return and can't put a finger on which charitable donation brings you the most joy..put the finger on me....maybe.

I know how hard it is out there, so don't even sweat it if you can't donate. Just a comment here and there is all I really want...and thank you.

I'd like to personally thank daily reader Dan S. for the one and only donation I received.  Dan, I will do my best to make you smile from Austin, I promise.

If there are any bands on that immense list that you want me to see and report on which don't include members who frequently wear skinny white denim jeans and glasses too big for their faces...let me know. I'll see what I can do.

But, for now, its......20 days to go and counting.


  1. That' sick that you can make it over there. One band that I would love to see live is Sleepy Sun. They're this great psychedelic-esque band. They play on Sat. - I think it said at the Encore Lounge at 11:00 or something with Encore in it, lol. Have fun!

  2. Seano, I am so happy you will be able to attend. I went through the schedule (which is hard to follow) but I would love it if you could go see Shooter Jennings. I was a big Waylon fan and I know he got all of his genes and much more. Not so much country as his dad.

    Also, I saw Suzanne Vega is playing. I would love it if you could take a photo and post it of her. She is a cutie petutie in my opinion. See if she can sing live.

    By the way, my donation came back. It said your Paypal was not up to date or something. I havent looked in my account but I assume I have the $25 back in there. Oh well, hope you have a great time and cant wait to hear what you have to say.

  3. This is the best music related news I've heard in a long time. Well actually I did hear some damn good news on The Ripple Effect radio show. SXSW would not be the same without you there. If I get paid for some freelance work I've been doing...I will donate enough for 2 SVR t-shirt (one for me!)

    So glad you get to go.

  4. Lucky sonofa... Good on ya, mate. Hope you get to see some kick arse music. I'm sure you're going to tell us about it.

  5. Seano, here are some suggestions.
    I have seen:
    Voivod, Dawes, The Mother Truckers, Delhi 2 Dublin, Nico Stai, Everest, Jenny Owen Youngs, The Whigs, Deer Tick, Dan Mangan, The Mother Hips, Camper Van Beethoven, Band of horses, Amber Rubarth, Middle Class Rut, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Red Cortez, The Ferocious Few, Triple Cobra,

    I haven’t seen but heard are great:
    Transfer, Minus the Bear, Mad Juana, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds,

    Don’t see:
    Abe Vigoda, The Drawn Together Movie,