Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sick As Dog, What's Your Story

Something evil, green and unforgiving broke through a 3 month wall of echinacea today and bitchslapped me all over the place. I'm literally running on faith today..which holds no water because I'm a proud atheist. I'm sick, sick again, sick as a dog on a Tuesday in February. Is there anyone on earth who likes February for any reason? This month is like a pause button stuck on the Static Channel...as the year decides which way its gonna go..with all of the color character and movement washed out of it. There are noreasters coiled in cold corners like cobras calling on the faux gods above to exhale their deadly dandruffs. There is the bitter wind of no change that blows through one ear and out the other, shuffling your thoughts into a phlegm coated pile of Scrabble letters.......and here I sit..a blurry victim of it all...facing the page as white as the storm to come.

Send me your remedies...curses and chants
as my mood freezes over and icicles dance
from the tips of my tears as I blog in a fury
as my post veers from poignant to bitchy to blurry
as I shovel a cough from a drift in a lung
and dream of the anthems here, together we've sung.


  1. Ummm, Vicks Vapo Rub?

    This works too: crush up some fresh garlic. Toast a piece of bread and spread it with butter then put the garlic on it and eat it. (This also works well for keeping people at a distance).

    I agree, Feb is the crappiest month of the year other than the fact that I have two sweet friends with birthdays this month.

    Valentine's Day was invented to make you feel either obligated or lonely.

  2. I like February, but this is because I live on the other side of the world and it is summer here. Yeah, warm sunny days, beaches, pretty girls with little on, cold beer and bbqs. I know, I know, you're probably feeling sorry for me right about now but I'm prepared to shoulder the burden of it all.

    Make a tea, stir in some ginger, garlic and a good dash of chilli. Add honey and lemon juice and sip it. Tastes like crap but works a treat.

    Either this or drink lots of rum with ginger ale. Me, I prefer the second but don't like the hangover.



  3. I summoned an old priest and a young priest to exorcise the demons that are currently plaguing your immune system. I do hope they're successful.