Thursday, February 18, 2010


Snagfilms is just plain cool. If you've got the time, a comfy chair (preferably bean bag) and the needs and means to imbibe, you can chill out and watch music documentaries for free. Yes, free. This is THE place to go online if you want to watch a doc. I did a search on their main page..typed in "music" and it returned 183 results. Several of the documentaries I scrolled through I had heard of before...Kurt and Courtney, Dig!.

However. There was an impressive tally of films I had never heard of. And I'm smart. I'm informed, darn it.
But I was out of rock radar range with these titles:

A to Zeppelin:The Story of Led Zeppelin....
Becoming Queen (Freddy and Co.)...
Be Here to Love Me-The Life of Townes Van Zandt...
Girls Rock-The movie every daughter needs to see.....
Growing Up Metal- what happens when one’s mom and dad are in Death Metal bands.

There's more. The stash is very impressive. Sure you have to watch an Ad for Walmart(where you can't buy most of the music in the doc you have sat down to watch) or something else....but its free, dudes and dudettes.

This is a music centric I talk about music. But I should let you know that Snagfilms has over 1000 documentaries in EVERY category. There is something there for every one of you shut-ins out there.

Looky here- They set up a little Widget for me with a Rolling Stones multi-part Documentary called Jut For The Record....just click on the link below and get yer ya yas out......        Check out .  Bring a date to the laptop tonight.

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