Tuesday, February 02, 2010

No Ace in a Hole for Bang Camaro

There was news from my friends and band mates in  Bang Camaro recently that they had been offered an opening slot on (former Kiss guitarist) Ace Frehley's upcoming tour. Alas, they couldn't do it and remain on indefinite hiatus. They will definitely field future offers from Mini-Kiss, Cold Gin, Kissnation, Destroyer...any of the bands listed here http://www.kissfanshop.de/TributeBands/TributeBandsenglisch.htm ,Wicked Lester, Union or The Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

I am kidding. The BC bunch is way too busy with their own projects. Co- Founder Bryn Bennett is writing code and chugging Joose right now but will rock again for sure.   Co- founder Alex Necochea has taken his Frankenstrat and joined Boston's own Family Township. Choir member  Rodrigo Van Stoli is busy with a band called Brownboot..and still shares the studio and stage with Choir member Richie Hoss in Noble Rot. Choir member Glen Fant now plays guitar in a beantown band called The Fatal Flaw. Choir- member( and the better half of the duo known as "Seandre") Andre Coles is always busy being Boy Wonder right here in Philly. I will wait patiently for members Nick Given and Steve Trombley to reform The Vershok, a band whom I hail furiously and never got to see........and I'm sure Pete McCarthy, Doz, and Morgan Brown are all famously up to no good with whatever they're doing.

I am famously anti- Kiss here at Circle of Fits. Their antics, greed and repackaging releases that have previously been repackaged kind of make me hurl in my mouth a little by just thinking about it.  But it would have been cool to tour with 'ole Space Face. Being the recovering addict that he is would have made us enablers in his midst. Maybe it's better this way.

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  1. I've never been big on KISS either. Sounds like your bandmates are busy guys...do you still want to find someone to jam with? I wish you could.