Friday, February 05, 2010

Surf City : Friday Links and Vids

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Now this is how fans should react.. This guy is Heavy Metal Parking lot Chris Farley-ish on a meth/Red Bull speedball...just add  Heaven and Hell and a not worthy bow. I like how the tween ahead of him gets Dio to do a live "ringtone" for him. Dio is standing up, BTW.

I wish they would play this video instead of  an overproduced pompous spectacle that will be the Superbowl Halftime show with "The Who"....The spectacle coming this Sunday should be re- named....The Halftime Show with Half The Who.

Heres a link to a super cool Tumblr site called Fuck Yeah Cool Instruments    I'm still working on my whammy bar/time machine and my steering wheel drum machine....look for pics soon.

I saw a drunk guy fall on those stairs..he managed to play the five note theme to Close Encounters on the way down. ...he saw aliens long before that,though. Fun for everyone! I can get up the escalator quicker.

Here's a link to some great Frank Zappa Quotes.  I miss old Frank. There's a big snowstorm coming here....I want to go pee in a  morning drift and tell someone not to eat it in his honor.

Last but never least...Here is an isolated guitar track from Eddie Van Halen from the song "I'm The One". The brown sound dominated then and dominates now 32 years later....I would have personally plucked every Brown M&M from the backstage bowls in the dark just to have been a brown fly on a brown wall BITD.

Have a good weekend. I'll be shoveling out with the only shovel we have..a half scale kids novelty snow shovel given to my son a year ago. We're supposed to get 2 feet.  Send out a St. Bernard with some whiskey if you don't hear from me.


  1. Watch out where the huskies go, brother.

    We had so much snow two winters ago, I thought that I would soon be chasing the wife and kid around with an axe and end up freezing to death outside in the hedge maze.

  2. OMG Seano - you just crack me up like no other!

    I watched all these videos. The Black Sabbath fan was great and that tract from Eddie was awesome (he was such a tasty morsel in his younger years, saw him front row and he smiled at me all night....ok maybe I imagined he was smiling at me, but he WAS smiling)

    ANYHOW. Have fun shoveling!

  3. VERY nice! Especially the VH.
    That dude still blows me away - no idea what he's playing to this day!

  4. Have fun shovelling snow, man. I fuckin' hate anything cold that isn't ice-cube shaped and in my fancy cocktail.

    The Sabbath fan footage is hilarious. And the Piano stairs is a brilliant idea.

    But be warned: I have a patent pending on the steering wheel drum machine. Mine also involves a sampler triggered by the horn and multi-effects controlled by the indicators.