Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Do You Remember....duh, duh, duh, duh,dee, dee in September

What the hell is Phillip Bailey(Earth Wind and Fire) saying in that song anyway? Lahh Dee Daaahh, Blah Blah in September! Guess it doesn't matter..from 1978 to now its still getting ass on the dancefloor. And I needed a "September" song in my title...and September Morn(Neil Diamond) was too deep cut AM radio, and September Gurls(Big Star) is an awesome song but too obscure for the demographic I'm shooting for.
I really like September. Its my second favorite month behind June. Football is here and I can hate the Pats and Cowboys again until that vein in my right temple ripples to the point of bursting. School's in session and young mothers drink the afternoons away even more now that Hunter and Heather are back to class and the buses and subways are stocked with prepubescent teens in brand new mall bought attire, smacking on gum and texting each other with not a yard between them..... All the new Television shows that won't survive the Fall season start in September. I'll stick to Heroes, Lost and Curb Your Enthusiasm, thank you. Thinking about TV less than 24 hours from posting about how proud I was to have not watched any in a full day's time.

Most people think fall starts after labor day but we've got 3 weeks left of summer in my book...thats enough time to get a farmer's tan, a grilling injury and a good number of nights falling asleep to the crickets...Crickets are my favorite summer sound by a longshot, followed by the eerily out of tune dirge of the Softee Truck song creeping up my street, and a lifeguard's whistle.
All Hail September!

Today I thought about my niece and nephew getting on that schoolbus as well.....Mommy will be there you two....even though she won't be at the end of the driveway with you...she'll be there.

I listened to the Sound Opinions podcast today with Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot from Chicago...its one of my new favs....great takes on new albums, topical rockosphere stuff and great interviews..This week they cornered producer Tony Visconti! (David Bowie, T. Rex) one of my all time under- rated producers.

I went into a large dark crawlspace to look for a cat today. The owner of the house where I was working just moved in two days ago and already lost her cat. Blessing? Curse? Either way, I offered to take a look. This space had to be 30 yards long and three feet high....no cat anywhere....but I did feel like I was on one of those ghosthunter shows with my little flashlight biting my lower lip. I believe in ghosts, sprits, the afterlife..the whole nine yards. I think its unrealistic to think that when our physical time ends on this mortal coil...Thats it. Our souls are too important to too many people to be confined to mere "years" here. The totured souls search for peace and understanding and the soothed souls watch and assist when needed.......I know who's watching me. I wouldn't want anyone else doing it.

Bands I listened to recently(last 24 hrs) include Sebastian Bach(his not so new Angel Down CD),the guy can still sing, thats for sure and he's got a few years on me......and David Byrne/Brian Eno- Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.......its very listenable while making fish and beans for a wily 2 year old named Hud.


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    That's HudSON.

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    Looking foward to reading! Now linked on Visions :-) - Derek