Monday, September 08, 2008

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I treated myself to not wanting to watch or caring about the MTV Video Music Awards this year. I cannot tell you one damn thing about it...and I'm ecstatic for that. Most intelligent humans know that MTV stopped caring about music and videos a long long time ago. And we stopped caring too.On to the next big thing... Now we Twitter...which allows one person to let another know exactly what they are doing at all times via text or email or IM..".Right now I'm spraying Tinactin on my expanding toe fungus." "Right now, I'm cleaning cat puke off of the carpet." Right now, I'm de-coupling again." Can you believe grown ups are doing this?????!!!! "Right now, I'm not."

It really takes an immense amount of patience and open-ness to watch the VMAs. I have neither.I love myself for that. I probably missed another rapper walking around mumbling shit about problems in the club or on the streets while holding his pants up.

My heart (doesn't) go out to New England Patriot fans for losing( Mr. Father of the year, magazine ad whore, only as good as your offensive line)Tom Brady for the season. Tom, finally came down to earth and realized he was actually merely human by tearing up his knee in Kansas City yesterday. I truly don't wish hurt on anyone, but I can't stand Boston Sports teams. Now Tom can have more time to hold Gisele's bag at fashion events and cuddle on the couch with her watching Dancing With the Stars. What a prick.

I do, in fact have three things that I truly love about Boston. For one, The band Boston.The song Hitch a Ride was in my top 10. I also love the Cars..Ric Ocasek and Eliot Easton are geniuses...really ugly geniuses....Finally I love Steve's Ice Cream in Quincy Market. I have many memories going there as a child and watching them fold up my Reese's and Kit Kats into Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.It took them 10 minutes but it was worth the wait...kinda like waiting for something bad to happen to the Pats..same emotional result... Our family vacationed frequently in Boston and all I have is great memories running around Quincy Market with Meaghan..she got her first Paddington Bear there, while I found a record shop that had those little metal buttons cool kids used to put on their rock jerseys and jean jackets. I got a Sex Pistols one and of course, a Led Zeppelin one with the Swan Song logo on it. The Picture is the 3 Barry Kids in Boston, circa 1983. Buttons included. If I still had that Police jersey it would fetch around 150 bucks on Ebay. Enjoy.


  1. Anonymous1:31 PM

    That picture really looks nothing like you.

  2. brenda rooks9:44 PM

    Wow! You are quite cynical about Tom Brady. Any other sports figures you care to derail? You know my son Brett was named after Brett Favre - the best QB in the history of the game in my book!

  3. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I know you'd like these two links:

    Matt Cassel or bust! - Derek