Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All I Know

All I know is that today is a slow rock news day unless you want to talk about Aretha's Hat.
All I know is that today is a hard day to write without thinking about my sister.
All I know is that February is always a brutal beast and is just 'round the bend.
All I know is seemingly not enough in this little piece of today while I job hunt.
All I know is the above statements are mood enhanced/appropriate, and like a fart, shall pass.
All I know is trivial and non revenue- generating except for having won that game show I was on.
All I know is that even joining/forming another band seems as fun as a blue flame on an open nerve.
All I know is Hope is a dish served cold with a side of stale Cheetos and a Pabst chaser.
All I know is I love all music and all people.
All I know is Josh Homme(QOTSA) is in this video and he's wearing a light purple oxford.
All I know is Mark Lanegan wouldn't be caught dead in those leather trousers today.

All I Know is a song by the late great Screaming Trees.

1 comment:

  1. Eat some peanut butter cups. They are cheering me up right now.