Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope Won't Die Before I Get Old

I feel pretty good today...I feel like I just took a long shower and washed the last 8 years off of my mottled black and dusty skin. It clogged the drain, but eventually disappeared. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when President Obama gets to work on those pressing issues like putting the power of the RIAA back into the hands of the downloading public, and keeping concert tickets below 150.00 a piece.

Soon after after the triumph of the resolution of these issues it will be back to the critical first 100 days in office when I'm sure action will be taken on allowing Hip Hop artists into the Rock Hall of Fame and instituting a 10 year moratorium on dance related reality television.

I am sure, with the power of his constituents behind him, we will eventually never see Jennifer Aniston and her faux perkiness on a tabloid magazine cover and surely, huge fines will be levied on The Jonas Brothers and Vampire Weekend for excessive mediocrity.

Its a great day. But the concert at the Lincoln Memorial the other day truly enraged and perplexed me. I love U2, but there's nothing remotely American about them...don't know why they were there except to coincidentally hype their new..less than stellar single "Get On Your Boots"...They also sang "City of Blinding Lights" which has NOTHING to do with Washington...its about NYC.!!??

The over emoting was also in full force with that crybaby Mary J. Blige blurting out something "meaningful" enough to draw tears YET AGAIN and Ms. "Hipps,Inc.", otherwise known as Beyounce...climbing up her own vocal gymnastics and crashing without a net.

Bruce was a highlight...simply because he had the best facial hair,(Beyounce a close 2nd)and actually sang a song of substance called The Rising.

And in The Falling dept., Garth Brooks came out of that fake Cowboy from Oklahoma graveyard all tucked in tightly(had to be a girdle behind that busy shirt somewhere!) with a that smelly hat of his and bored holes into the skulls of everyone in the crowd with his twangfested limp through American Pie. Doe's anyone have the patience to listen to American Pie anymore? Or Mr. Brooks for that matter? Cmon Garthy...untuck that shirt and live a little...

Stevie Wonder sure is...Whoa boy! he really needs to start watching(insert bad blind joke here) his figure....he's giving Lady Soul a run for her drumsticks(KFC, not Pro-Mark)...but his voice is still impeccable.

An almost fun time was had by all! And its nearly Grammy season.....the suspense is not at all killing me.

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  1. Dude - what about that embarrassing Sheryl Crow/Herbie Hancock/William take on the Marley tune? Oh that was so shitty it was unreal. Garth was cringe inducing as well. I thought the Stevie Wonder bit was great and Shakira was surprisingly good. Guess I never paid attention to her actual VOICE before. But yeah, Stevie should have stayed seated...