Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day Memories

The entire Northeast is under snow, waiting for snow and hating snow. Snow is pretty and it helps a holiday song sound better when you look outside past the Xmas tree branches and its all fluffy and white. But the holidays are long gone and if you don't partake in winter sports.. snow is a cold ,messy hassle and a danger....UNLESS YOU'RE A KID! For if you're a kid, a beautiful blizzard might just mean SNOWWWW DAYYYY! Too tough for the plows to handle and too dangerous for the buses to get you to school....Its time for fun...snowsuits, red plastic sleds with yellow handles, icicle sword fights galore!

Well, these days its XBOX 360, a DVD you've watched 7.3 million times , and texting your friends who are also sitting home snowed in

But when I was a kid....we had great shows to watch and the songs that accompanied them really helped your cheeks defrost and the cocoa sink in after an hour and a half of death defying sledding. So sit back, relax as your socks dry on the radiator and your mom pulls the plastic Wonderbread wrappers out of your boots...and take a journey with me... They're not rock....but they will keep you rollin'!

Remember this? Its from early 70s Sesame Street...and is actually sung by The Pointer Sisters...I used to follow that pinball around like a hypnotist's medallion.I'm sure this either helped me learn to count or was a precursor to my love of pinball. I've never lost my flipper physic ability and will gladly challenge any one of you.

How about this one...The Ladybug Picnic. I have been singing this in my son's ear for glad I found it. I apologize in advance, it will stick in your head until at least Superbowl Sunday. I never knew ladybugs wore swami-looking helmets!

Little 12 Toes!....One of the spookiest,funkiest tunes from Schoolhouse Rock. Love the funk and wah! The intro guitar and shuffle was a wee bit scary for a 7 year old, but it always stuck with me......I loved how his head/arms weren't attached and he stretched apart into the stratosphere like that. Druggy spacey fun! It made me respect the number 12 much more than I did before. It became so much more than Lunch Time!

Vegetable Soup, Man! One of the lesser known shows on PBS but what an intro! Pure funk gospel sung by almost unrecognizable swirling, dancing stick figures..Loved it! Come on along and join us!

"Timer" was a creepy phlegm/lemon drop looking character who taught us how to take better care of ourselves with some kooky animated PSAs from the 70s. Hanker For A Hunk Of Cheese was one of my favorites..the songs were always vaudevillian freakness to me, but very singable! Sorry to say, to this day..I've never reached for a slice of Tomato and a piece of cheese for a snack.wagon wheel inspired or not.....I usually only like that combo with crust around it, covered in pepperoni.

There's a few for your snow day! And always remember " When you're feelin' bored or blue, watch out for the Munchies! They find ways of making you...munch when you're not hungry. Here munch this, here, munch that! Soon you're not just bored, you're fat! Go on out find stuff to do, get munchies off your mind. Soon you'll see you're feeeling great, the Munchies Behind!" Rock On....


  1. Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky ones in the North East to get the day off. I had to make the tough commute through the snow and slush, but I sure would have loved to stayed home! My favorite memory of staying home from school on snow days and such (besides playing in the snow obviously) was being able to watch the Price is Right. I knew nothing about the prices of products when I was younger but for some reason I loved the show.

  2. Incredible memories! You almost travel back in time!
    I never did actually see 12 fingers although that is very very cool and is great for explaining things like the base-16 (hexadecimal) number system - way before its time!
    Great stuff!