Friday, January 23, 2009

Bang Camaro is the Future

I rarely hype bands here because I'm hopelessly in a Classic Rock Rut/Rush and can never stop listening to Physical Graffiti long enough to be bothered. I have been surprised in the past and I'm always hopeful to find something new that makes me want to find that devil and shout at him! I am pleased to introduce you to Bang Camaro. An awesome band from Boston(yeah, I know, Boston) who describe themselves as "arena rock gone very right". I describe them as the future. I describe them as a band that makes me wanna dust off my best Bad Co. or Judas priest ringer(fuck it, I'll wear 'em both)and re-discover what it is like to be at a rock show with 6 beers in you and the gods of hellfire breathing down your neck.

What's different about Bang Camaro, you Seano-skeptic scourge,you? They have up to 20 lead singers on stage with them at all times, thats what! And they all bring the rock...sometimes with three part harmonies! The songs are melodic and tight and purged from the heavy metal parking lot/cheerleading section of hell, just left of the infinite wall of flaming Marshall stacks...this is well written, banging heads in your basement sing along catchy cock rock. Here they are on Conan raising the roof as they do everywhere they go.

I'm not a gamer...I'm too busy finding the next complaint with three fingers here...but apparently Bang Camaro is one of the featured bands on the Rockband 2 if your semi sedentary like me, check that game out.

But for now, check out their new single.."Life is Hard on the Road" or request it on your local radio station...Epic riffery, great melodies, horns up inspired lyrics...and LOTS OF LEAD SINGERS.....its a perfect combination.


  1. I always take Seano's recommendations very seriously - so of course I immediately download (errr...purchased) the 2 Bang Camero offerings to check out.
    My take (for what it is worth) is that is a definitely a unique approach - have 100 singers on stage. But there also lies the problem - the multiple singers end up sounding exactly like the worst 80-era songs I can remember (like Def Leppard and Kiss). Group chanting never made for a good song and the Waynes-world guitar harmonies make my skin crawl. I prefer the stripped-down approach that new bands like: 'The Answer' are taking.
    Hey, but its just my 2 worthless cents. Keep the rants coming, Seano.

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    OMG this is horrible. As usual I couldn't agree with my mostly musical twin more. This makes me feel like I traveled back in time to Wayne's basement. Next!

  3. You are both missing the's fun. Its rare that I find something that is a good combination of hook-y, and hard and me. When is the last time you(or I) were able to just let yourself go at a rock concert...when is the last time you(or I) saw anybody next to you let themselves go at a concert....certainly not at a Tab Benoit show(ANT) or a Mark Ronson show(Pamela, er...anonymously huge Bret Michaels fan), but lets leave the personal attacks out of this... I would bet that Bang Camaro would be more affective live than on record....that is why I picked the Conan video. They are far better than Poison or Kiss....and men not make-up is their gimmick.

  4. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Ouch! Lead us not into darkness, Seano (The Darkness!!!) This comes off like a frat singalong at tgi friday's on a slow wing-night. These guys should start a touch football team if they want to do something together cuz the tunes aren't happening-Rog

  5. You are really kidden, right? They should get rid of a few of those singers. Come on over to the Rock n' Roll View and try on something else.