Friday, January 16, 2009

Circle Of Fits

As you can see, the new title to my blog is Circle of Fits. I will explain the name here only once. For those not in the school of rock( and BTW, courses are available here daily) the new name is my appropriate sarcastic take on the musical chart showing the relationships among the 12 tones of a chromatic scale. The "Fits" are delivered to me by a plethora of Rock/non rock musicians and their output who happen to use this chart regularly. I can't even read the chart, but I sure can throw a mean fit. Its a pun, duh! I like puns and I like the name.

Thank you to all of those readers who chimed in with support or disdain, and to those who had their own suggestions. Rocktologist was a close second, but Mr. Google alerted me to MANY Rocktologists. This turned out to be a big pain in the ass. The name didn't necessarily bowl me over so it was wiped clean and I "moved" on.

Please continue to leave your comments HERE on the site and not on any email you get. Don't be a pussy. It doesn't hurt that much and you'll forget what you wrote by your second morning tinkle. I encourage dialogue and it's so much easier while in the comments HERE. And please be a FOLLOWER of me in that column over to the right. Its not spam. I just like seeing your glowing mugs every day for inspiration.

I'll decide on the winning comment(blog names selection) and let the winner know soon so you can get your DVD or one of my very hard to find 8 X 11 glamour shots from my first Album Mercury Moves.

thanks again, Seano


  1. Good choice.
    here we go...
    A E B F# C# G# D# Bb F C G D A....and scene


  2. Works for me, Seano!

  3. HA!!! Rocktalogist was too funny. But I dig this name.