Monday, January 12, 2009

More Blog Titles

I've been encouraged by some followers to keep trying with the blog titles and to stop at either Circle of Fits or Rocktologist by others. So here are a few more: I will decide on Friday, whether you like it or not. Please respond to MY actual BLOG and not the email you receive...I like to see your comments here. Thanks

1) Squeeze My Lennon
2) My Voice Broke
3) Covered in Keef's Blood
4) Idiots Rule
5) Stone Cold Lazy
6) Smack Baby Smack
7) Metal Guru
8) Hair Supply
9) I Sing The Body Electric
10) Righteous Peabrain
11) Sons of the Silent Age
12) Debacalypse Now
13) Sedation Day
14) Riffs in Oblivion
15) Bad Posture
16) Lo Siento Mucho
17) Back in Flack
18) The Ejector Seat
19) Kisses and Hugs
20) Rock, Scissors, Paper

1 comment:

  1. I would stay away from any combo words like ginormous or debaclalypse. that's the type of shit VH1 and E! use. You are better than that. Which reminds me, I am canceling my cable.