Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Blog Name Choices

I don't like the name of my blog and I never did. Yeah, I'm Seano, but who cares? People will get to know me by reading anyhow.And I'm blogging more than sometimes, so the name has got to go. Its time for the first of many, being true to my form, I've come up with a list of a few candidates for the new name of this blog.

I would love your feedback as well. And the person with the best comment/feedback as voted by me will win one of the next cd/dvds that I review.My wife is excluded, because she lives with me. Basically if you sit on your ass with your thought stuffed under your left ass cheek, you get nil, nada. Come on people now, shine on your brother...everybody get together try to....yeah, you get the picture. Here are a few...with more to come in future posts. I want to make a decision at the end of two weeks. Some of them suck yarbles,some too cool for school, some have potential.....but like all of my lists...its first thought..pen to paper.....that having been said....

1) Precious and Grace
2) Two Bit Peanut Monkey
3) Rocktologist
4) Had It In The Ear Before
5) Slaves and Bulldozers
6) Mind Riot
7) Circle Of Fits
8) Stressterdays
9) Red Snapper Incident
10) Goodbye,Cleveland
11) Torn and Frayed
12) Find Your Way Back
13) Bent Back Tulips
14) Maybe I'm Amused
15) The Silver Mountain


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Shit...lot of good ones there.
    Here is my pick followed by the runners up.
    *1*) Rocktologist
    This is, in fact, who and what you are! it sums it all up in a perfectly original way.
    2) Mind Riot - great one, original too.
    3) Maybe Im Amused - not really original but had me laughing.
    4) The Silver Mountain - just incredible, but would be hopelessly linked with Dio/Rainbow.
    5) Phone-sex Clergyman - sorry couldnt resist putting that in there.


  2. I used to participate on a message board where we would come up with unusual band names. Some of which would also make interesting blog names such as:

    Severe Bowel Movement (actually in high school I wanted to start a band and name it this. The idea being that I have no musical talent whatsoever and thus sound like shit... ergo...)
    Pink Freud (An Asian Pink Floyd cover band)
    Hoosier Daddy (a group of incestuous pedos from Indiana)

    Seriously though, from the list you provided I prefer "Maybe I'm Amused" and "Two Bit Peanut Monkey."

  3. Pink Freud(Asian PF Cover band)--fucking hilarious, Perplexio!

    Ant-Mind Riot is a Soundgarden song...not so original......sounds cool, though.

    as I said before Rocktologist is tongue in "cheek" so to speak........seano

  4. The best band name I've ever heard-- it was on myspace. I actually got a private message from a member of the band who found me based on my musical tastes. I responded to the message with massive props on their creative band name... "Liquor Bachs"

  5. My vote is for Rocktologist although "Neon Fruit Supermarket" has a nice ring to it, and for band names, dig "Speed Zoo" and "Phantom Limb."

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