Monday, July 28, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #10

#10 The Beatles Hey Jude 1968

Happy Monday to you...This is the top 10 everyone.....and we start with a monumental one..Hey Jude was recorded 40 years ago this week in London, and is one of the most well known songs in recorded history.Happy almost birthday, Hey Jude! Paul McCartney wrote it for Julian Lennon to ease his pain during his parent's divorce and changed it from Hey Jules to hey Jude because it sang easier. It was released as a single in late August 1968 to introduce the world to the Beatles' new record label Apple Records. It spent nine weeks at #1 in the that you have your history lesson...I'll tell you why its so high on my list.

When my son Hudson was born in June 2006 I was overjoyed. My wife and I were so blessed, so lucky to have a healthy happy baby. I now had someone I could pass on all of this sort of useless knowledge of rock minutiae to. I now had someone to force to take guitar lessons at age 3. I now had someone to give my hopes and dreams of becoming an artist to. I now had a reason to be a lunatic" stage Dad".
We started Hudson out early with the Beatles of course. Good Day Sunshine and Here Comes the Sun were piped in through headphones applied to Pamela's pregnant belly. They were the first songs he ever heard. But I knew I had to do more so I decided to start learning some Beatles songs on guitar after bringing home a Beatles guitar chord book from a trip to Las Vegas. I've always been a singer, who can play drums and a little guitar....VERY little. I never had the patience to properly learn, but picked up a few chords from all of the bands I was in over the years.
This was a perfect opportunity to learn some songs to SING to my son while playing guitar and not a cappella. It has worked out really well....and Hey Jude was the first song I ever committed to memory. Hudson just loved it. To see my son look up at me while I sang to him for the first time was a moment I'll always treasure. He took to the guitar quickly and was always interested in strumming with a pick even as early as 7 months old. He knew portions of the lyrics right around age 1. I guess you could say "Mission accomplished".
I'm so lucky to have a wife who is just as interested in making music and the arts such a large part of our son's upbringing. Pamela has a fantastic memory and is much better at remembering and singing all kinds of songs for Hudson to learn and appreciate. She has enrolled him in a music "class" program called Music Together where children learn rhythm,and beats and melody and dance. The light in his eyes when he participates is precious. He is most interested in any sort of instrument he can get his hands on. He is a little too young for guitar, I'll wait a year. But we did get him his very own mini drumset recently so he can bang away. Who knows where he'll go from here. For sure not American Idol but perhaps a loud rock band that I can cheer on from the sidelines. Love is all you need. And some good guitar lessons.

And it all started with The Beatles.
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