Monday, July 21, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #17

#17 Deep Purple Lazy 1972

Right about now,just about everybody except A. Ferrari is saying, HUH? Oh, Please! or Enough with the Classic Rock already!First of all...How dare you! But you see, the general public really only knows the song Smoke On The Water from Deep Purple, and that's a shame.With the Mighty Zep and Sabbath, they are the creators of Hard Rock(heavy metal) as we know it. They've been around as long as me. Deep Purple had several incarnations, but this one, labeled Mk.II by fans, put out their best albums In Rock('71),Machine Head(the album from which this track is chosen) and Made in Japan(live, 1972). This line-up included 3 musical masters: Richie Blackmore on Guitar, Ian Paice on Drums and Jon Lord on organ/keys, as well as one hell of a vocalist by the name of Ian Gillan and Roger Glover on Bass.
What made Deep Purple stand out was the phenomenal intricate mastery of Blackmore's guitar and the heavy distorted Hammond organ of Lord volleying back and forth over the fantastic bombastic beats of Ian Paice. The keys were used almost like percussion in this band(yes, I know keys are percussion,technically but I mean he pounded on the suckers), Jon Lord used to rock his heavy Hammond back and forth like a pianist possessed while playing live. And with Gillan wailing away in front of everyone, it made for good bong smoking head banging British music.Head smoking,bong banging music.Whatever...turn it up and shirk you responsibilities!
I know most of you could not care less but this song Lazy just plain RAWKS! With an emphasis on RAWK.It reminds me of a guy whose so hung over he tries to face the day, gets up showers, does the old "wake and bake", looks at his schedule and sees video games between noon and 4 and waitin' for the man the rest of the day and says Fuck it, and goes back to bed...Cmon.we all need heroes! It yawns and stretches its way awake over a long fuzzed out keyboard whine, and kicks into gear while the slacker gets reprimanded for drownin' and not clutchin' any straws..... its one of the best heavy blues song ever in my book. Thats why its on my list........and because Richie Blackmore must be represented.

My dad will also be represented again....BECAUSE HE HAD THIS ALBUM TOO! He's turning out to be quite the influence without ever playing NOTE One for me. Cmon pops, break out the LPs, vinyl is hip again!

Since only a handful of chaps will listen to this song....and the rest of you Coldplay, talk radio and Tapes N Tapes...I will now address those chaps and throw out not only my top 5 DP (deep purple, not double penetration, sickos) songs but my top5 Guitarists as well....for those obligatory shits and giggles. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

Top 5 Deep Purple Songs 1) Lazy 2) Maybe I'm a Leo(Machine Head) 3)Into the Fire(In Rock) 4)Speed King(in Rock) 5)Rat Bat Blue(Who Do We Think We Are)

Top 5 Guitarists 1) Eddie Van Halen 2) Jeff Beck 3)Richie Blackmore 4)Tony Iommi 5) Brian May
Hendrix bores me sometimes, but he would be #6), call me crazy. I need more than blues. #7) would be Jimmy page, but hes frequently sloppy and can't play any more, the rest of these guys still can.

Seek out Robert Quine(Richard Hell and the Voidoids, Lou Reed), Audley Freed (Cry of Love, Black Crowes), Josh Homme(QOTSA), Doug Martcsh (Built to Spill), Nels Cline(Wilco) and Derek Trucks

2-10 Lazy (Quadrophonic Mix).mp3
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