Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #23

#23 Miles Davis So What 1959

I never would have dreamed I would have a jazz song on my list 20 years ago, as a young buck with a rock chip on his shoulder. But here I am, snapping and tapping the praises of one Mr. Miles Davis and one of his many, if not the most classic album he ever put out, Kind of Blue in 1959. Now I am not a jazz aficionado by any means. I'm sure jazz purists would laugh at this choice. Its like choosing Stairway to Heaven as my favorite rock song. (Its #617 by the way). This is one of the most popular jazz pieces of all time...but man it just makes me think of good times every time I hear it. It was conceived by Miles after he began to grow tired of bebop. He delved into modal jazz where each players improv is based on a series of scales. It gives the album a very non-tedious repetitiveness and rhythm that flows out soooo smooothhh. It was recorded in NYC and makes me think of that fine city with a wind down of the hustle after the sun goes down, people pouring drinks into martini glasses and forgetting the day away. Smoky corners of secret rooms, deals going down, lines being crossed. And in the background Bill Evans taps the keys and Jimmy Cobb mans the brushes....in a silky cadence....waiting for the man Miles to blow...straight on to sunrise.
This is friday night before you go out music. Perfect for the hours of 9:30-11.
Put on a suit, straighten up and fly right...and let Miles assist in making the world your oyster.......

Top 5 Miles Davis Songs 1) So What 2)All Blues(Kind of Blue) 3) Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (Bitches Brew) 4)Shhh/Peaceful (Miles in the Sky) 5)What I Say(Live-Evil)
01 So What.mp3

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