Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #21

#21 David Bowie Starman 1972

As I stepped out of the lunar module through into space gasses and glitter clouds I almost stuck my lucite heel and tripped on the bottom of the pod door,HAL. But I caught myself just in time and floated onto this moon's surface. It looked a lot like a stage... my footing was heavy and my hair perfect.... shooting stars descending in the distance, or was it a joint being passed from visitor to visitor....A satellite floated by and the holodeck window opened, dropping a glowing guitar into my hands, as the violins hummed like lasers. Just behind me, the monolith took new shape as a breakwall of amplifiers. My antennae unwound and stretched from my head to meet the input jack. Upon insertion....the room spun, asteroid shrapnel and smoke machines cojoined to meet the music, eminating like patient radiation. Singing out spellbound, I watched a nebula shatter and smother the masses. And in unison, we vaporized to rise and meet the red giants of the glam galaxy....

Top 5 David Bowie Songs 1)Starman(Ziggy Stardust '72) 2)Life on Mars( Hunky Dory '71) 3)Black Country Rock(The Man Who Sold the World '72) 4)Cracked Actor(Aladdin Sane '73) 5)Moonage Daydream(Ziggy Stardust '72)

We miss you, Mick underrated here on earth..wherever you are you command sonic battalions now.

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