Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Top 40 at 40 #9

#9 Queens of the Stone Age Song For the Dead 2002

Hold the Prozac prescription. I've got something WAY better. If this song from Queens of the Stone Age doesn't shove you right out of a dark funk and up and at 'em, you've been superglued to your chair or there's an assload of sand in your ears.
Maybe you were a frozen vegetable to begin with. No wimps allowed on this one. No exceptions.

This tune has everything a hard rock song needs to shake your foundations, call yourself to arms and take to the streets. After living through 2001 in New York City, QOTSA's 2002 Album Songs For The Deaf was a welcome release from the melancholy and the dreary mood that we were feeling in the big apple. This album was an open hand slap in the face to the ones wallowing in the sorrow, and I was one of them.
Band leader Josh Homme drives the riffs through your skin like heated needles...Dave Grohl(proving what an insane drummer he truly is) levitates you out of a grounded stance with methlab jackhammer rhythms...and Mark Lanegan lays down an ominous, spooky vocal from the pits of purgatory. The message is simple : Get up...Get going...quit pussyfooting around the past you're pasted to....fuck shit up positively and change your life. Or get the fuck out of the way while the road is paved for those who know better.

The semi-automatic drum/guitar firing squad that carries the song out is just epic....you are assaulted to the point of doing another rep....curing a disease....walking the streets of Bushwick, Brooklyn at 3 am like you're a member of Up With People.....pull out that tooth thats been bothering you...surf on glass, whatever. You're invincible, brother.

QOTSA have become one of my favorite bands of the last 10 years...they push the limits of what a hard rock band should be. Josh Homme has a smooth high croony voice that at first seems out of place for the ferociousness of the guitar sounds beneath him...which are truly his own...his guitars sound like nobody else. His work in the Stoner rock band Kyuss is legendary and the sound basically created the genre. QOTSA is where he gets to spread his wings and rip a hole in the sky to let the lightening through. Check them out if you've got a pair. You're gonna need 'em.

One of the highlights of my life was walking up to the Bowery Ballroom, NYC 2002 and scalping a ticket to The QOTSA show with Dave Grohl guesting on drums. It was one of the best shows I've ever seen. My spine has never been the same.

Top 5 QOTSA songs
1) Song for the Dead- Songs for the Deaf 2002
2)Feel Good Hit of the Summer-Rated R 2000
3) Regular John-Queens of the Stone Age-1998
4) In the Fade-Rated R-2000
5)Avon-Queens of the Stone Age-1998

Honorable mentions: Everybody Knows that You Are Insane-Lullabies to Paralyze 2005, If Only-Queens of the Stone Age 1998, Tension Head-Rated R 2002, Better Living Through Chemistry-Rated R 2002
04 Song For The Dead.m4a
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